William and Kate Thank Well Wishers for Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte thank you

The royal-watchers among you no doubt remember that Prince William and Duchess Catherine welcomed a baby daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, on May 2. If you’re more than the casual royal fan, as I am, you may have sent them a baby card, as I did. No, I did not send a gift — I figure they are royals; there is nothing I can send them of a material nature that they could possibly need or appreciate. However, I did want to express my congratulations, so I sent a card with a handwritten note detailing my devotion.

Months passed. I didn’t really expect a response, although I had received one when I sent a card congratulating them on Prince George’s birth. After all, this was the second child. And, they had released the (adorable) photos of Prince George holding Charlotte, saying that those photos were a way of thanking all those who had remembered the family’s new arrival.

But yesterday, excitement reigned on this side of the Atlantic, when mail (make that ROYAL mail) arrived, postmarked “Buckingham Palace.” It was a thank you note from William and Kate!

There was a lovely photo of them leaving the hospital with the new addition to the family. It brought back the excitement of that day. On the back was this sweet sentiment:

Princess Charlotte thank you

How fun is that?

Did anyone else send a baby card to the Cambridge family? Have you ever written to someone famous and gotten a response? Share your stories in the comments!


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A Thank You Note from Prince William and Kate

6 thoughts on “William and Kate Thank Well Wishers for Princess Charlotte

  1. Good for you sending the Royal Couple a baby card when Princess Charlotte was born!

  2. I’m sure you were over the moon with excitement when the card arrived!

  3. I know you girls used to write each President and received booklets back from them. If I wrote anybody famous and got a reply I am drawing a blank on it right now.
    That makes me happy for you! Will you frame the photo? It would be a nice item in your living room.

  4. What a treasure and keepsake! When my oldest son was younger he wrote to Ronald Reagan one time and got a response – can’t remember what it was about, though!

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