Menu Plan Monday 9-28-2015


Welcome to the first Menu Plan Monday of fall! I hope your week was nice; it was a good one here. My oldest daughter visited from college, and it was great to see her again. It was nice having her eat here again 🙂 She went back with some homemade applesauce and tortilla soup. My youngest daughter’s band had a competition where they did really well, and a football game performance too. Middle daughter has activities too, but hers are during the week. So, it was a busy weekend here.

Here is the menu plan:

Monday: White Chicken Lasagna — very popular here, and a nice change from “regular” lasagna

Tuesday: leftover buffet — I know there’s quite a bit of chili left from last week. Probably other items too.

Wednesday: Moroccan Chicken and Chickpea Stew — new recipe I pulled from a Rachael Ray magazine; looks good.

Thursday: Pasta Alla Genovese: Basically, it’s pasta mixed with French-cut green beans and basil pesto sauce. Very tasty, and a favorite of vegan daughter #2. Yes, we just had it recently, but she requested it again.

pasta ala genovese

Friday: fish of some type — probably Gorton’s fillets, and some vegetable

What are you eating this week? More recipes at Org Junkie’s.

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9-28-2015

  1. It seems when I cook food it lasts forever. Yesterday I used my free meal at Captain D’s for a late lunch. I got it from them for my birthday. I picked grilled tilapia, mostly for being a healthier choice. Just in from my morning walk. It was the warmest its been in awhile.

  2. Always fun to read about what you are eating. I found another menu plan blog online that spits out weekly menus and links to recipes. Pretty handy. And 85% of the time, it’s family-friendly stuff…so everyone is happy. LOL. This week I made a really good Sausage Pesto Pasta recipe with only 4 ingredients: rotini, sausage of your choice, pesto, and ricotta cheese. Turned out great. Last night was a crockpot white chicken chili. Made a ton, gonna eat it for lunch all this week. I am doing some kind of pork stir fry tonight that uses ramen noodles and some vegetables. Can’t remember the rest.

  3. All sound good. Naturally, I took time to plan and fix several meals and then was told it’s Fair Week and no one will be in! So I delivered half of one meal to the newly on her own kid and one will freeze. Next week I’ll probably have 10 to feed. Crazy time of life.I posted my menus on Saturday on FB though the chicken has been postponed yet again! I feel the recipe is doomed.

  4. I usually cook at home, then take the leftovers for lunch the next day. My kids must be growing because lately, there are no leftovers! I’m interested to hear if the stew you plan to try will turn out as good as it sounds. Maybe I’ll double the batch to guarantee extras.

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