Childhood Memories Friday: Makeup

Childhood Memories Friday

Makeup: did you wear it as a teen? I was thinking about this lately because none of my three teens has ever shown much interest in makeup, but I did like it when I was their age.

I’m thinking it was maybe around 8th grade when I began wearing makeup. I often went whole-hog, with foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Of course, this was near 1980, when bright makeup was “in.” I did do blue eye shadow occasionally, but please don’t think too ill of me. Even as a young teen, I wanted to be more subtle than the big swoop of color on my eyelid. I always tried to contour with a lighter shade under the brow 🙂 .

I don’t think I was always totally successful in my makeup application. A frequent memory is of Sunday mornings, in the car on the way to church. Mom would turn around, take a look at me in the backseat, and say, “You need to rub in your makeup along your jaw.” Oops.

For one of my birthday parties, Mom invited a Mary Kay lady to the house who helped my friends and me put on the latest shades. It was so fun. One Christmas, I got a lighted makeup mirror that looked similar to this. Oh, the thrill — I thought it was wonderful. It had fold-out sides and bright lights, which could be adjusted: natural, florescent, office — I think there were 4 settings, but I’m not sure of the last. Each morning, I would switch on my mirror, adjust the lights to my setting for the day, and embark on the road to beauty.

As a young teacher, I continued the makeup routine. It was so fun for me when my 6th grade girls would like my eyeliner or nail polish.

I consider it one of life’s ironies that, now that I could probably really use some the extensive makeup sessions of my youth, my enthusiasm for them has waned. I still wear blush and mascara most days, but foundation and lipstick are usually reserved for Sundays. Eye shadow and eyeliner make an appearance only rarely.

How about you? Did you enjoy makeup in your younger days? How about now? Sound off in the comments. I enjoy your stories!

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Makeup

  1. I have absolutely NO memory of having a Mary Kay lady come to your birthday party. Wonder who she was.
    Growing up, my dad was pretty dead set against me wearing make up so of course, I was full speed ahead to wear makeup. He was very against me wearing nail polish but that did not keep me from wearing it from time to time. Try eating a meal at our farmhome kitchen sitting across from my dad, without him seeing my finger nail polished nails. It’s a feat. I remember telling him, “But Mrs. Keith (our beloved pastor’s wife) wears finger nail polish.
    Lipstick was another battle.
    In my young married years I wore little makeup. Friends encouraged me to wear it and at least 3 times they would have an expert apply make up on me. They took me to have my colors done in Columbus and learn what season I was.
    Daily when I go out, if I don’t wear makeup I feel like I look awful. For me, makeup makes a big difference even in how I feel about myself.
    So I’ve been all over the board with this thing called makeup.

  2. Like Attic Girl, I ALWAYS wear make-up when going out and even just around the house, because I think that I look awful without it. I think that I started wearing lipstick maybe as early as 6th grade, and that was about it makeup wise for quite a few years, until I added mascara, rouge, and powder. My own Mother encouraged me to wear some rouge since my skin is very pale. To this day I wear the lightest shade available for cover-up and pressed powder. I expect to wear makeup until the day I die, unless I get too feeble to apply it! Almost everyone looks better with subtly applied makeup, in my opinion.

  3. No, I didn’t wear makeup–I was a total feminist! That shouldn’t surprise you! I did wear it when I had my dream job–along with Kaspar suits and great shoes. I had a Mary Kay friend do a party for my daughter and her cheerleader friends for her birthday one year though. She was/is all about makeup!

  4. I started wearing makeup big time in 8th grade and never stopped. Believe me, nobody wants me out and about without makeup! I am however far too lazy to do more than the basics.

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