Top 5 Autumn Care Package Ideas

autumn care package college

autumn care package college

Fall will be here soon, and the kids are back in school. In my family, we now have a student in college. She lives three hours away from home, and we all miss her. We decided we’d like to put together a care package to help her know she’s remembered, and to just add a little fun to her day. Here are 5 ideas for an autumn care package, whether you’re creating one for a college student, a military member, or anyone living far from home.

1. Candy

I added my student’s favorite candy, peanut butter M&M’s. I also put in a package of mints. Did you know that mints help students focus better? At least, that is what I’ve heard and read, and I’m sticking to it.

2. Stationery and paper goods

care package notecards

Maybe this is primarily a girl-thing, but I love pretty papers.

Milly Green’s notecard set is a winner, with heavy-duty notecards in a beautiful binder, along with pretty matching envelopes. Stamp a few and address them with the home address … 🙂

college care package organizer

I love cute organizers too, like this organizer from Milly Green’s Ditsy Florals line. It includes a to-do list, notepad, and sticky notes, all in a cute floral binder that will look great on a bookshelf.

One of the girls also made an artwork creation to add to the lid of the box.

3.  Personal Care Items

I added a fun chapstick in a fruity flavor, a little hand sanitizer (in pumpkin scent, of course — it’s fall!), and even a tiny tube of “good lotion” (in our house, we differentiate “regular lotion” and “good lotion” — since our student has had eczema for years, we are familiar with all types of lotions).

4.  Writing Instruments

The box includes a pack of mechanical pencils. I have rarely used these, but my girls love them. Maybe most kids these days do? Anyway, Walgreen’s recently offered a pack of 5 for .49, and I couldn’t resist. They even have the comfy hand grips on them!

5.  Cash

Okay, let’s face it: what most students most want is a little cash. Another of my daughters looked online and found a fun way to fold a bill into a heart.

What are some ideas you have for making care packages special?

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Autumn Care Package Ideas

  1. What fun it will be for her when she finds she GOT a package from home! Thanks to all of you for caring!

  2. What a neat family thing to do for Caroline! She is going to love not only the items enclosed but also your thoughtfulness.

  3. My granddaughter, Jordan, is a freshman at the University of Central Florida on the east side of Orlando. I recently sent her a Care Package in which I included a large bag of Jordan’s Almonds!! How appropriate is that? She loved getting them along with the other items.

  4. What a great present! I used to make homemade cookies and mail them to friends–you pack them in popcorn (but don’t eat the popcorn) to keep them from breaking. Photos from home are always good–even in the digital age. A gift card for pizza or other favorite fast-food for Sunday nights (do they still do that–no dorm dinner on Sunday night)? Decorating the box is a fun touch–especially if there are little siblings or nieces and nephews to do it–who wouldn’t want those?

  5. Sounds like you and your girls have created a fun box for your daughter/their sibling. I’ll bet she’ll be thrilled.

  6. An inexpensive selfie stick from the cheap bins at Target was hit with my college student. Target also has a lot of movies for $5 that are actually good ones. She and her roommate love to watch movies on weekends.

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