Facts about Candy Carson, Wife of Ben Carson

Candy Carson, Ben Carson wife

photo, Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Presidential election season has arrived. I’ve enjoyed elections since I was a child, and in addition to learning more about the various candidates, I’m always intrigued by their spouses as well.

I haven’t yet settled on my candidate of choice for President, but one who I really like is Dr. Ben Carson. You don’t hear a lot about Dr. Carson’s wife, Candy, but I knew a bit about her from reading Ben’s autobiography, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (affiliate link).

Here are some facts about Candy Carson —

  • Candy was born in Detroit and has 4 siblings. Her dad worked in a factory and her mom was a teacher.
  • Ben and Candy met at a reception when Candy was a freshman at Yale, where Ben was a junior. Ben loved her laughter, her exuberance, and her friendliness, which complemented his more reserved nature. He thought, “That’s one good looking girl.”
  • Candy is 5’7″.
  • Candy played violin in the Yale Symphony. Her mom insisted each of the children learn to play an instrument, and Candy has done the same with her children.
  • Although she was not a church-goer in her early life, she became a Seventh Day Adventist after meeting Ben. “They loved me into the faith,” she said of the people at their Adventist church.
  • Candy double-majored at Yale, earning degrees in music and psychology. Ben says, “Candy is one of the brightest people I know, good at whatever she does.”
  • Candy graduated from Yale in 1975, and she and Ben married on July 6, 1975. He was between his second and third years of med school at the University of Michigan at the time.
  • While Ben was in med school, Candy held various jobs. She worked processing unemployment claims, worked for Connecticut General Insurance Company, sold vacuum cleaners, and worked as an editorial assistant for a chemistry professor at Johns Hopkins. While at Johns Hopkins, Candy earned an MBA.
  • In 1981, Candy was expecting twins, which she miscarried at five months. Their son, named Murray Nedlands (Nedlands was the Australian suburb where they lived at the time), was born September 12, 1983.
  • The Carsons’ second son, Benjamin Carson, Jr., was born May 26, 1985. The baby was born at home because they had no time to get to the hospital!
  • Before they married, Ben warned Candy that his career as a doctor would necessitate lots of time away from home. “I can deal with that,” Candy said, and she has had the confidence and security to handle it for the past 40+ years. “You know that when he was away, he was saving lives.” She has kept busy with several pursuits; earning various degrees, and starting church choirs and instrumental ensembles. “Ben, I’m at home every night by myself, so I may as well go and do something,” she said.
  • The Carsons’ third and final son, Rhoeyce, was born December 21, 1986.
  • Asked in an interview whether she’d be first lady, Candy replied, “It’s up to God.”
  • Ben and  Candy have two grandchildren.

Do you know anything about Candy Carson? Who is your 2016 candidate of choice?



12 thoughts on “Facts about Candy Carson, Wife of Ben Carson

  1. I too read Gifted Hands and gained a healthy respect for Candy Carson. I knew she was musically talented. I am glad they seem to have a solid marriage.
    As to the election – I’m leaning towards Trump or maybe Carson. I like that neither one is your typical candidate. They owe favors to no man. How cool is that?

  2. I have not decided yet, either, but I like Carson a lot. I read Gifted Hands years ago but had forgotten these facts about Candy. I would not mind at all if they occupied the White House! 🙂

  3. I also like Ben Carson. Those are interesting facts about Candy. It seems like I learn something good every day from you. But then, you are a teacher!

  4. Unfortunately, both men are completely clueless about government. And before you all dis government, think of the services you enjoy as a citizen of the USA – roads, airports, police, military, etc.

  5. I like Ben Carson very much, and wouldn’t it be neat to have a black Conservative Republican in the White House for the very first time on our side! I do not understand Barbara Herrick’s comment at all. Does she not realize that we will still enjoy roads, airports, police, and Military no matter whether a Democrat or Republican is in charge? Thank you, Susan, for teaching us all more about Candy Carson.

  6. I saw the movie, “Gifted Hands,” many years ago. But I appreciated the book so much more than the movie. One of my favorite parts of the book was where Ben talked about how calm Candy was while delivering their second baby. He said something like, “You’d think she did it every other month.”

    I’m not sure, either, what Barbara Herrick meant to say. The very fact that he has not been in government is one of the things I most appreciate about Ben. Whom does Barbara think taught the founding fathers how to lead our country? May God grant us favor with a Carson/Cruz team in the White House. I’m certain they would do a good job. Carson has such a calm voice of reasoning! Nothing strident about the way he speaks. I could go on and on, but I think you understand my feelings.

  7. I had to revisit this post. Thanks, Susan. Yes, Candy Carson has my respect, as does Dr. Carson. Some people sure seem to get a super dose of talent and ambition and to have humility is really terrific. Love reading the comments, really wondering what Nov. 2016 will bring! Pray for our leaders and nation. God has blessed the USA.

  8. I have a deep appreciation for the Carson’s and am deeply disappointed they will not be our next president and first lady.

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