Little Tales: Little People Village Post Office

Fisher Price Little People Village Post Office

Fisher Price Little People Tales


Last time we met, we explored the Fisher Price Village Fire Station. Next on the block: the post office. Here you’ll see Clancy mailing a letter through the handy mail slot in the front of the building.

Little People Post Office Village
Inside, you’ll see where the letters fall. Of course, the truck loading zone is there too, as well as the official postal symbol. And if you look carefully to your right, you’ll spot the fireman taking a break next door.

Here comes the mail truck now, full of letters. The mailman could drop each through the door slot of its intended recipient.
IMG_2402Here’s the truck parked inside, in the loading zone. Backed up like this, the truck was in perfect position so that letters would be deposited directly into the back. See the friendly postal clerk? “Going postal” in little people town was only seen as a good thing!

Delivering the mail was another of the little people tasks my sister and I loved doing. In addition to the plastic letters that came with the village, we made more of our own, since our “kid town” was far bigger than just this village. I have always loved creating tiny things, and so this was right up my alley.

tiny books

A look in the archives reveals these treasures — honestly I think they are made by my kids, not by my sister and me. They are each about 1″ high. Love the section dividers in the “college” book, and the song: Flowers for You. Reminds me of the Bronte sisters’ juvenilia

The Village is currently sitting in my dining room, where I sometimes do a photo shoot of one business or another to share with all of you. I’m reminded now and then of Fisher Price’s lingering appeal — just this week, a piano brother and sister, in grades 1 and 3, saw it and asked, “What is that toy in there? It is COOL!” And I had to agree.

So. Did you play post office as a child? Any related memories? Share away; they’re fun to read!


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  1. I don’t believe we played post office when we were children. I’m sure we didn’t have the Fisher Price toys. I doubt if they were invented when we were children.

  2. As stated earlier this year, I made the discovery that I received a Fisher Price pull toy for my first birthday. Who knew? The Little People did not exist when I was a child. Now that is just sad.

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