Little Tales: Little People Village Fire Station

Fisher Price Little People Village Fire Station

Fisher Price Little People Tales

It was a great Christmas the year my sister and I received the Fisher Price Little People Village. So many businesses and other treasures, all in one amazing toy!

I’ve recounted Clancy’s bachelor pad, our town’s nod to diversity, in an earlier post. Today, how about a little stroll down to the village fire station?

Fisher Price Little People Village Fire Station

The door rolled up and down, and the fire engine could go in and out. The ladder on the truck was very cool — it extended, the better to fight all those second-story fires with. The fireman (yes, we said “fireman,” not the currently PC “fire fighter”) could even hang on with his unusual-for-a-Little-Person arm!

The handle on top of the station was an amazing thing: turn it, and voila! A siren sounded! The more you spun the knob, the longer the siren went.

Fisher Price Little People Village Fire Station

Let’s look inside the station from behind. As is typical for Fisher Price, it’s the details that made this so amazing to a child. The door from the garage to the under-stair space fascinated me. Usually, we put a bed in here where the fireman could spend the night. There’s no telling what time a fire could strike, after all …

Speaking of which, was it just me, or was there much more emphasis on talk about fires when I was a child than there is today? It seemed like every year there was talk at school about how to make an escape plan with your family, stop-drop-and-roll, feeling the door to see if it was hot, etc. It was always a concern to me, as my bedrooms were on the second floor where it wouldn’t exactly be easy to get out in case I awoke to a hot bedroom door in the middle of the night!

Do you remember playing with a  Fisher Price Fire Station as a child? Any fire memories? Share away!

4 thoughts on “Little Tales: Little People Village Fire Station

  1. I didn’t know there was a fire station! Very cool. I think kids today get active shooter drills or something equally cheerful. Make stop-drop-and-roll pretty quaint.

  2. We didn’t have Fisher Price toys, period. But we did have a real fire — in which our house burned to the ground. That’s a fire I’ll never forget!

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