Menu Plan Monday

strawberry rhubarb pie


Happy Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a busy week here, and honestly, I have felt pretty depressed about the events in our nation. As a family-friendly blogger, I feel a real responsibility to review and recommend only companies I can feel good about supporting as a Christian. Over the weekend, I chose to remove my affiliation with Hallmark because of this.

So, when you read a review or post I’ve written, please be assured that, as far as I can, I do my research to ensure that I’m not supporting an organization opposed to traditional values. In these turbulent times, I feel it’s more important than ever to stand up for Christian beliefs. Our silence is often taken for agreement, or at least for acquiescence.

But no matter what’s happening in our nation or our world — you know, you still have to eat.

Here’s what I have planned for the week ahead:

Monday: Walking Tacos, left over from graduation open house (don’t worry; the meat was in the freezer).

Tuesday: Fiesta Chili Bake — I have made this for years and we like it — got the recipe from a Del Monte tomato label.

Wednesday: Pizza Pie Bake — a Bisquick recipe from years ago. We’ll see if people still enjoy it …

Thursday: Fish night — some type of fish (Meijer has tilapia on sale this week); probably mashed potatoes and a veggie to

Friday: Skillet Lasagna – I know I made it last week, but I need to use up some cottage cheese I bought on sale.

This strawberry rhubarb pie was so good last week, I think I’ll make another 🙂

strawberry rhubarb pie

More menu planning ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.What are you cooking this week?

8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You told us you got a bread machine at your church rummage sale for $5. Have you used it yet? If so, do you think it will be a dandy or a dud?

  2. One of my friends made a strawberry rhubarb pie last week and gave me two pieces. I think it was the best I’ve ever tasted, but she’s a marvelous cook, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    By the way, I admire you for cutting your affiliation with Hallmark. I know you enjoyed that company’s products.

  3. Love the menu and I would be interested to see the recipe for the pie. Found you from OrgJunkie!

  4. That pie looks delicious. Even though we both love rhubarb, I won’t be making it because my husband can no longer eat rhubarb due to a high oxalate level which has caused his kidney stones. Bummer.

    Congratulations on standing up for your Christian beliefs. I, too, have been very upset over recent happenings in our country.

  5. Supporting all people, yes now that’s awful! Stand up for your false beliefs!!

  6. Alicia, I do support all people. It just breaks my heart to see what God (not I) have called a sin, celebrated. You’re free to your beliefs, and I am as well. I’d encourage you to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John in the Bible and invite Jesus into your life. You won’t regret it … Thanks, Peg. I just love it. I didn’t know rhubarb was bad for someone with kidney stones. Bummer indeed 🙁

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