Childhood Memories Friday: New Mickey Mouse Club

New Mickey Mouse Club poster

Childhood Memories FridayMy mom reminded me of a TV show I loved but somehow forgot to mention:  The Mickey Mouse Club.  My sister and I watched reruns of the ’50s Mickey Mouse Club with Annette, Doreen, Jimmie and Roy and the other mouseketeers.  We loved the music and the dramas on the show.

Annette Funicello mouseketeer

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But we were totally thrilled with the 1970s version (the New Mickey Mouse Club) began airing!  I was infatuated with the Mouseketeers, most of whom were about my age, and the show itself.  The schedule was

  • Monday – Who, What, Why, Where, When and How
  • Tuesday – Let’s Go
  • Wednesday – Surprise
  • Thursday – Discovery
  • Friday – Showtime

… and I remember every day’s theme song.

New Mickey Mouse Club record

New Mickey Mouse Club recordNew Mickey Mouse Club record

Oh my word … this record brings back memories … we had it, and yes, the BONUS POSTER INSIDE was well-loved.

New Mickey Mouse Club poster

The poster inside — well-loved — let’s open it up!

New Mickey Mouse Club poster

Just looking at Kelly – Alison – Lisa – Curtis – Shawnte – Nita – Julie – Mindy … ah, the memories.  What I wouldn’t have given to have a nifty jumpsuit like that, back in the day.

I read that the series was only shown for two years, from 1977 – 1979.  But wow, what an effect this show had on my life.  At recess, my friend Miriam and I re-enacted various Mickey Mouse Club musical numbers (I’m glad she and my sister went along with my MMC fantasies!).

Did you watch the Mickey Mouse Club, either the new or the original varieties? Any memories to share?

12 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: New Mickey Mouse Club

  1. My memory was pricked with the Mickey Mouse Club when on this past Monday, a piano pupil – Elizabeth – was assigned the Mickey Mouse Club March song! It may be pretty meaningless to a young girl in 2009.

  2. I remember the Old Mickey Mouse Club as that was my sister’s favorite. She was several years older than I was so she knew Anette and that crowd well. I loved boats and was into Popeye. 😉


    Sheila 🙂

  3. We used to run home from school to watch the original MMC, loved the Spin and Marty series, Annette was also interesting to a pre puberty male. I was in the 4 th grade, back then. Just trippin done memory lane.

  4. We had no TV when I was growing up, but we took piano lessons on Friday at my aunt’s house, and she had a TV. I loved the original Mickey Mouse Club, particularly Annette Funicello. BTW, it was a sad day when I learn that she suffered, and later died, from MS.

  5. We loved watching the original Mickey Mouse Club. “Today is Tuesday – you know what that means? We’re gonna have a special guest!” The kids were very talented, and I wanted to be Darlene. Loved to see “The Adventures of Spin and Marty,” too. I always wish I could go to their western camp!

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