Personalized Paper Dolls

homemade personalized paper dolls

Tired of hearing, “Mom, I’m bored!” each day?

Make personalized paper dolls of your children!

First, take a photo of your child wearing a leotard (if she’s a girl) or shorts and a tank top (if he’s a boy).  Make sure your child poses with his legs slightly apart, and think about how you’d like her arms arranged.

Next, enlarge the photo.  You may be able to do this at home, or if not, places like Staples can enlarge a color copy cheaply.

My husband is handy with tools and he did the next part.  We glued the cut-out color copy to plywood and he cut around it with a tool of some type.  If you don’t have the tools and skills for this, you could glue the copy onto cardboard and cut around it.

homemade personalized paper dolls

Voila!  A paper doll of your child!

Then, just use the paper doll as a pattern to design clothes around.  My girls have spent hours doing this.  They tape the clothes to the paper dolls.

homemade personalized paper dolls

Here is a doll with an entire wardrobe of outfits for any occasion.

Did you enjoy playing with paper dolls as a child? Have you (or your kids) ever made your own paper dolls?

10 thoughts on “Personalized Paper Dolls

  1. This makes me wish that I had girls! My boys wouldn’t be caught dead with these- but I think that they are awesome!!! I am off to see if I can find a girl who I can make these for at church . . . . . Thanks for the idea!

  2. Making personalized paper dolls sounds like so much fun. My little girl would love to make these this summer.

  3. I’m sure your girls really enjoyed playing with these.

  4. What a great idea! My daughter would love it we made these.

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