Childhood Memories Friday: Halley’s Bible Handbook

Halley's Bible Handbook

Childhood Memories Friday

Last Sunday, our church honored high school seniors. It reminded me of a similar Sunday back in 1983 at my home church.

Each of us seniors walked up to the front of church. We stood there as the congregation watched us. It was a bittersweet moment, as these were kids I’d grown up with — spending hours with them in Sunday School each week, Vacation Bible School each summer. Those days had seemed endless, but now, they were at an end.

The preacher shook our hands and presented each of us with a keepsake, Halley’s Bible Handbook:

Halley's Bible Handbook

For years, I kept this book beside me as I read my Bible. I loved it; it had historical information and commentary on various passages. I’m guessing it was a bit of a “miss” for many of my peers, but in this day before you could easily look things up on the internet, it was a little treasure for me as a book lover.

Halley's Bible Handbook

After the service, we seniors and our parents went out to eat at my town’s “fancy” restaurant. It was a day to remember … and I still do!

Did your church recognize seniors? What do you remember about the event?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Halley’s Bible Handbook

  1. Graduation for sure is a benchmark for a young person. God bless you, Caroline.
    Appreciate your loving family.

  2. Our church honors our grads each spring. They get a gift but I have no idea what it is. For me, graduation is one of the most bittersweet memories I’ve ever experienced. In the case of my high school graduation, I had attended school with most of my classmates for 12 years, something unheard of in these days. When it came to graduation from nursing school, I had even lived with those girls for three solid years, except for a month’s vacation at some point during each year. That was very, very bittersweet. I was much more loosely connected to college friends, but I still missed them following graduation. Sill, there is the future ahead of you….

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