Little Tales: Homemade Little People Houses

Fisher Price Little People Tales

My sisters and I did not have a lot of toys. Well, let me clarify. I think we probably had as many toys as any other kid of the ’60s and ’70s, but that’s many fewer than the kids of today. We often made our own. Some of my most cherished memories are of the dollhouses we made for our Little People from plain boxes.

We took a box, perhaps 2 feet high, l foot wide and 6 inches deep (these measurements can vary according to whatever boxes you may have). We cut a piece of thick cardboard and glued it in for a second story “floor.” Then the fun began! Mom brought home old wallpaper sample books and we cut those up to paper and carpet the rooms in our house. It was so much fun choosing the patterns. I wonder if stores still give away their old wallpaper books?

For pictures, we used the little round metal pop bottle lids (remember those?) and glued tiny pictures inside them. We taped them onto the walls as artwork.

For furniture, we used small boxes – jello boxes, canning jar lid boxes. We covered these with construction paper and added various details to turn them into pianos, dish cupboards, fireplaces, etc.

homemade Little People furniture

Here’s a cupboard and a bed I still have, although the cupboard is showing its age with the peeling paper. Did you ever make doll furniture as a child? Sound off in the comments …


10 thoughts on “Little Tales: Homemade Little People Houses

  1. I love the Little Lady sitting in her communion cup chair. It is a testimony to you that you still have these fragile items you made in the 1960s and 1970s!

  2. Okay, I remember making furniture for my Barbie dolls with wooden building blocks. I made lamps a game piece from my Sorry game was the lamp base and a toothpaste cap was the lamp shade. I would make little houses with a shoebox and use wrapping paper for wallpaper. I also remember combing through the big Sears and JC Penney catalogs and dreaming about having different toys. Oh, I also remember trying to sew clothing for my Barbie dolls and dressing them up when the Miss America pageant came on.

  3. I love those classic little people! My parents still have my little people airport set at their house. All the grandkids have gotten a kick out of playing with it over the years. And of course we made “accessories” to go with them!

  4. Love this! We did this too and I’m happy to say it’s been passed down. My niece recently posted a photo of her little boys’ Ninja Turtle “Sewer” they’d made from boxes, paper cups and what have you. My friend and I cut pictures out and put them on cardboard to be Barbie tvs, steros, etc. Much more fun!

  5. Well, we didn’t have little people when I was growing up, but we did have our grocery store out in one of the buildings on the farm. We three girls sure had fun playing in the grocery store we created.

  6. I didn’t have Little People but I had paper dolls. My dad hung wallpaper as a second job and would bring home the leftover paper scraps. I made clothes for my paper dolls! I felt they were the best-dressed paper dolls in my neighborhood!!

  7. Adorable! It reminds me of “The Borrowers!” One year for Christmas when she was 9, our older daughter made a cardboard box 2-story dollhouse for her sister, who was 6. She spent a lot of time and love on it!

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