Top Baby Name Ideas for Josh and Anna Duggar

Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting baby #4 – what should they name their new baby?

Fans of the famous Duggar family, featured on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” know that Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle have given each of their 19 children names beginning with J.

Josh and Anna Duggar have followed the elder Duggars’ lead in giving all their children names beginning with the same letter (the elder Duggars chose “J,” while Josh and Anna selected “M”). So far, they have daughter Mackynzie, and sons Michael and Marcus.

A recent episode revealed that baby # 4, due in July, is a girl. But since ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate, here are some boy and girl names Anna and Josh might like:

Girl Names

  • Michelle: Josh’s mom Michelle and Anna seem to have a close bond; what better way to honor her than by naming a grandchild after her? Additionally, Michelle is the only Duggar whose name doesn’t begin with J. This could help her feel like one of the gang.
  • Mary or Martha: It’s tougher coming up with Biblical girl names than boys, but these are both traditional and have strong Christian roots.
  • Meredith: Meredith Viera of NBC’s “Today Show” has interviewed the Duggars frequently, and has jokingly requested that they consider her name for their baby. You have to admit that Meredith sounds cute with Mackynzie.
  • Morgan, Madison, Mallory, Molly, Madeline, Maria, Mariah, Marissa: Face it: there are just a lot of pretty, popular girls’ “M” names available. Finding a girl’s name that begins with M should not be a problem for Josh and Anna.

Boy Names – just in case!

  • Moses: It’s Biblical, and trendy as well (Gwyneth Paltrow named her son Moses).
  • Matthew: Again, Biblical and traditional – easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Malachi: Another Biblical name with a touch of fun.
  • Mason: This sounds nice with Mackynzie and has two syllables, as do Michael and Marcus.


Josh and Anna Duggar do have one tradition already in place for their new baby: reading the Bible. Anna say,”Our number one tradition is having Josh read the Bible to the baby. And we tell the baby, ‘We love you, and we can’t wait to meet you.’ “

Do you have a great baby name for Josh and Anna Duggar to consider? Leave it in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Top Baby Name Ideas for Josh and Anna Duggar

  1. Honestly I think all the Duggars seem to dwell on is making more kids. I am glad my life has had other things to shoot for besides that. Ma and Pa Duggar are full of it!

  2. Mallory, Malia [hahaha Obama’s daughter, but I love the name], Mia, Maya, Mandela [not very likely] Mali [ditto], Megan, Meave [they’d pronounce it wrong], Michael(a) [for the Bates’ daughter–add confusion like Joseph/Josiah, Joy-Anna/Johanna], Miley [hahaha] Marist [no likely] Merritt [from a novel] Mandisa (Christian music group), Miranda, Minerva [too pagan/Harry Potter] Melody, Marigold [Too Downton]. Madonna [lol ], Monet [right…] Macey, Masey, Melissa, Misha [too Russian and its really a guys name], MyRegan [lol]

    Boy: Maverick, McCain, Miller, Merlin, Max, Monty, Maynard [lol for John Maynard Keynes–Bloomsbury Group economics and homosexual–not likely, ]

  3. Has anyone mentioned Moriah? I have friends who’ve named their sixth daughter Moriah. And it’s Biblical too.

  4. Mara is Biblical and it goes well with Elizabeth and that is also Biblical.

  5. Anna is a baby name happy what is a happy name.

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