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Fisher Price Little People Tales

If you’ve read my memoir, you know that church was a big part of my upbringing. So it’s probably not surprising that it played a big role in the lives of my Fisher Price Little People, too.

Fisher Price Little People church Little Tales

To my knowledge, Fisher Price never made a Little People Church (boy, what a thrill it would have been for me if they had!). But that’s okay; my sister and I made our own.

The church was the center of our Kid Town. We made it from blocks, and our church was quite detailed. We used letter blocks down the long hallway, making them spell “God Loves You.” We created not only a sanctuary, but a nursery and a Fellowship Center, complete with a stage made from an empty Kleenex Box turned on its side.

Here, you see a close-up of the sanctuary. The minister of music is directing the choir and orchestra. See the choir robes we made and fastened onto the first row of the choir? I spy lots of flutists (flautists?) in the second row, and be sure to check out the pianist/organist to the right. I even see a drummer in the back row, amongst the cowboys.

It looks like some of the congregants are seated in school desks. However, much of our church seating came from an early example of recycling: we used communion cups. They made great seats for little people!

Fisher Price Little People communion cup seat

Sometimes, after a communion service, my sister and I would hurry along the rows, collecting the cups to take home as seats for our sanctuary.

How about you: did you ever “play church” as a child, either with Little People or with stuffed animals or dolls?

3 thoughts on “Little Tales: Little People Church

  1. For me, it’s honestly been too long ago to remember. I wouldn’t be surprised because going to school and church was what our lives were made up of. I do remember sitting on a round item that bailing wire once came on and pretending it was my piano bench (outside) and while sitting by a concrete step or porch ledge, pretending I was playing the piano. What I’d give for a decent picture of that but none exists. We took few pictures (same as me right now).

  2. So cute! I was a little worried that there were men in hats in church! So glad the King and Queen were there!

  3. We played that we ourselves were choir members when we were young. My older sister was the pianist and my younger sister and I were the choir members. We choir members hid (not sure why) behind the big chair that was right next to the piano. When the pianist began playing the introduction, we two choir members popped up from behind the chair. I assume we filed out into the main part of the room, although I don’t really remember that. From that position, we belted out our choir anthem. One we often sang was, “Low in the Grave He Lay.” Thanks for bringing these memories back.

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