5 Guys Shakes

5 Guys milkshakesOne of my favorite step-above-fast-food places lately is 5 Guys. Their burgers are delicious, and the orders of fries are hot, generous, and tasty, as well.

Recently, our 5 Guys introduced milkshakes. They’re not available at all locations yet, but they will be.

Readers, just for you, I tested a shake.

It was delicious! Really rich, smooth, and creamy. I intended to take some home to share, but about halfway home, I realized that only about an inch was left.


5 Guys Milkshakes

Here are the facts:

5 Guys shakes sell for $3.99. I’d call them a generous “average” in size, and one nice perk is that you can mix as many of the flavors as you like without increasing the price. I tried chocolate/peanut butter, and holy cow was it ever good.

The entire flavor list:

  • Bacon (eeeewwww!)
  • Cherries
  • Oreos
  • Bananas
  • Salted Caramel
  • Peanut Butter
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Malted Millk
  • Strawberries

A month or so ago, my daughter and I tried a chocolate/Oreo mix shake. It was just fabulous, too. I think these shakes would be a wonderful treat for a good report card, a band concert performance, etc. (Yes, I know I’m setting up unhealthy habits by offering food as a reward. Sometimes, though, you just go with what works — or at least tastes good).

Victoria Cerminaro, who works in marketing for Five Guys, shared that the milkshakes are the first new item Five Guys has introduced in quite a while. “We wouldn’t ever consider offering a shake until we certainly found the best product possible for us to serve. Well, after years of searching we finally found the right milkshake!” she wrote.

4 thoughts on “5 Guys Shakes

  1. Jill & George introduced me to Five Guys and I loved it. I also love the perk of free peanuts!

  2. My kids like it a lot. It’s President Obama’s favorite burger place–read that years back. Don’t let that ruin it! I like that they have so many toppings.

  3. I was introduced to Five Guys when I was in Virginia on vacation. There is now one that’s fairly near my house. I haven’t tried their shakes, but they look good. But they didn’t have peanuts in the one in GR. Bummer!

  4. You got my interest. My oldest son is the only one here who has eaten at a 5 Guys. I hadn’t ever heard of them until he told us about it. Now I’m curious, especially about the milkshake list right now.

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