Little Tales: Clancy’s Bachelor Pad

Fisher Price Little People Tales

One Christmas, my sister and I were thrilled to receive the Fisher Price Little People Village. This was a wonderful toy because the village featured so many cubbies, each with its own business: the movie theater. The post office. The jail. The list goes on, but today, I’m feeling nostalgic over Clancy’s bachelor pad.

Little People Village

Clancy, you see, was the Kid Town’s African American resident. Now, before you (like my kids) shout, “RACIST!” I must explain that we grew up around very few AA’s (or blacks, as they were known at the time). Mrs. McDougal at the Girls’ Club, and a couple of basketball team standouts were pretty much my only exposure to the race.

When a black man arrived (perhaps as part of the village; I honestly can’t remember his origin), Jill and I decided to name him Clancy, after a black man my aunt had made an acquaintance with.

Clancy had the great good fortune to reside in the village’s single apartment. It made a pretty posh place to live, for sure. He not only had an outdoor patio set above the town garage …


Fisher Price Village apartment

… but his main living quarters featured a cozy window seat, a television, a record player, and even a cat reposing on a pillow! Does living get any better than that?

Clancy was a fairly quiet member of the town, and could frequently be found hanging out in his bachelor pad.

Did you play with Fisher Price Little People as a child? Share a favorite memory!

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