Spring Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

flowering pear treeThere’s something about the bright spring sun that makes us feel better – and yet, it also shines light on all the dust and clutter that have built up throughout the winter. Ready for a little spring cleaning? Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep your cleanup as easy and breezy as the weather outside.
Spring Cleaning: Do’s

  • Do be prepared. Gather trash bags (label them “donate” and “trash”), rags, paper towels, a bucket, scrubbers, cleaning products – anything you may need. With everything in one spot, you’ll have no reason to stop working for a trip to store.
  • Do move fast. Don’t overthink items in piles; quickly add them to a bag for donation or the trash. If this stresses you out, you can always add an additional bag labeled “deal with later.” But keep this pile small. You’re trying to clean up, not create additional work.
  • Do keep it fun. Put on your favorite upbeat music. If weather permits, alternate indoor cleaning tasks with outdoor clean-up. Variety will keep you motivated.

Spring Cleaning: Don’ts

  • Don’t try to do it all in one day. Clutter and dust took all winter to build up, so pace yourself. Set the kitchen timer for a length of time each day, and commit to working until it beeps. If you’re feeling really intimidated, start with five minutes. Even at just five minutes per day, at the end of the month you would have two and a half hours of cleaning accomplished!
  • Don’t do it all yourself. If you live with others, let them have the privilege of helping clean up the living space you all share. Kids will learn responsibility from helping clean and declutter their rooms. Your spouse can take on the garage or the basement. If you live alone, why not invite a few friends over for an afternoon of spring cleaning? Then you can return the favor by helping them clean up. It’s always more fun with someone else!
  • Don’t stress. Sure, the prospect of cleaning up an entire house can be daunting. But look at it this way: every task you complete makes your living space cleaner and more inviting than it was before. Enjoy the spring weather in your clean house!

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Because deep cleaning can be super daunting, I continue to houseclean a room a month, year round. As to your comment about helping a friend clean, I clearly remember when Mother did spring housecleaning, it was not uncommon for Aunt Ellen to come over and spend the day helping us clean. I hope I never forget the aroma the night MY bedroom was housecleaned. All the varnished woodwork in our old farm home was washed down with vinegar water. The way we kept windows open, I’ll bet we accumulated a lot of dust. In my home today, I remove my shoes before setting foot inside. In our farmhome that was an unheard of concept!

  2. I got rid of a bag of clean paper that came into my apartment, this evening. That made me feel good! One of the things that makes picking up/cleaning most difficult in my apartment is the amount of junk mail I get. If I could only limit that I’d be a lot better off!

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