Little Tales: Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe

Fisher Price Little People Tales

Today, a first: our Little Tale isn’t about a Fisher Price toy at all, although I thought it was until I looked. I’m featuring my Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe.

Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe

I thought it was Fisher Price, because it does have “little people,” although admittedly they’re not quite Little People. Mrs. Shoe and her four boys (they all look like boys, don’t you think?) were always sort of the odd residents of “kid town.” They were strangely shaped, and larger than the other kids, and … they didn’t have hair!

But Mom Shoe always had a smile on her face, as did (some of) her kids. They all lived in the shoe, uncomfortable as that must have been. There are some lessons to learn from the Shoes. The shoe is a shape-sorting toy, in addition to its other uses, and it quickly becomes clear that you can’t fit a square peg into a triangular hole, or vice versa. No matter how hard you try, somebody is always unhappy. And … stretching here … if you wash your face too hard, you might just erase your eyes and mouth! 🙂

Did you have a Playskool Shoe? What was one of your favorite childhood toys?

6 thoughts on “Little Tales: Playskool Old Woman in the Shoe

  1. Well I’ll be darn! Who knew?? I believe Dad & I bought you that for your first birthday from Sears in downtown Seymour in 1965. Check me out in your Wee Me Book.

  2. I don’t think I knew the creatures looked so much alike.

  3. I haven’t thought about that in years, but I do remember our family having one of those when I was growing up! I would have thought they were Fisher Price, too, just going by memory, but I can see they’re not, though they’re similar.

  4. Then I wonder what your FIRST Fisher Price toy actually was – maybe the telephone? I think there’s a picture of you at 520 S. Walnut with the phone in your gift assortment.

  5. I don’t think we had one, but I remember playing with this toy…maybe at a cousin’s house?! Memories!

  6. Attic girl mentions a first birthday and 1965 for this version of Playskool’s lacing shoe. The F-P model came out in 1964 (Musical version with wheels). I am trying to find out which came first. F-P is relatively easy to find dates, but Playskool is not. There are close to a dozen toys which both companies produced, and I know one F-P designer who went to Playskool in 1967. Anyone who has information feel free to contact me at:

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