Little Tales: Fisher Price TV-Radio

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Fisher Price Little People Tales

Fisher Price TV-Radio Little People

So what are the Little People doing today? Watching — and listening to — the TV-Radio.

You might spy a cat and a mouse on the screen, and sure enough, what’s playing is “The Farmer in the Dell.”

Fisher Price TV-Radio

Here’s the back.

This piece is definitely well-loved; observe the handle in the top photo. It’s quite sturdy, and how I managed to bash in one side like that is a mystery. It’s been that way as long as I can remember.

And despite its nearly century-old age, the music still plays, barely. It’s slow, but it’s there and it’s melodic. No wonder the little people are transfixed. I love that Fisher Price still makes this TV-Radio, and it looks identical to my original.

I noted that someone gave it a poor review, writing, “It only plays one song.” Well, back in the day, that was enough. I get it that toddlers today may want an entire library of songs on their devices, but there’s something sweetly simple about this radio, which has an entire repertoire of one.

Frequently, my piano students encounter a piece that is a nursery rhyme. They often aren’t familiar with these songs at all. I wonder if today’s little kids know “The Farmer in the Dell”?

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5 thoughts on “Little Tales: Fisher Price TV-Radio

  1. Today’s kids know such little old music. I don’t know why. For that matter, I give piano lessons to a lady about my age and she doesn’t know lots of songs that I would think she’d know, either.
    Cheers for the old Fisher-Price radio. It’s a keeper!

  2. “Children’s Music” has been replaced by whatever the parents have on. Maybe in Montessori schools or Waldorf schools they still learn Nursery Rhymes and children’s songs but the rest don’t which is a huge cultural loss in my opinion. Lovely post as always.

  3. I love your posts about your childhood. Today is no exception.

  4. I LOVE the FP radio and record player! Many good memories of my children playing with the record player, because it was a gift from my dad at Christmas time. I think my brother played with the radio (when he was small), and I always liked the music!

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