Childhood Memories Friday: 1960s Easter

Childhood Memories Friday

Easter is coming soon, so let’s look back at Easter as it appeared in the 1960s — in this case, Easter 1967:

Easter 1967

Here I am, age 2, with my mom. We’re in the front yard on Easter morning. I wish the photo was closer-up, but still, I like seeing our house (the beloved split-level so popular in that era), with the blooming tulips and the big front windows that I viewed the world from.

1960s Easter chick hopping

Let’s look at a few of my Easter goodies from the era. Here is one of my favorites: the hopping chick. You wound him up, and he would hop for a while. These days, he needs to be nudged along to make even a single hop, and he fur (feathers?!) are becoming a bit bare, but he’s still rather sweet.

1960s Easter bunny glass

Perhaps my favorite Easter item of all time is this little glass rabbit. He’s about 2″ tall, and I just loved him. In fact, I wanted to keep him out all year round, not just at Easter, which led to some problems. I even tried hiding him one year to prevent his confiscation, but Mom found him. Ah well.

1960s Easter book

Let’s not forget books, since I’ve always loved them. This one I received for Easter 1968, from Edna. Edna was a retired schoolteacher who lived in the upstairs of the house where we lived downstairs for the first few years of my life. Even after that, we took her to church with us on Sundays and she gave my sister and me gifts for the holidays. I bet she would love knowing that many of her thoughtful gifts are still around! By the way, this is a cute story, and I still read it every year.

1960s Easter egg house viewmaster

Here’s a final little 1960s Easter treasure for you to enjoy: my Easter Egg house. When you looked through the little hole, you’d see a tale of the Easter Bunny, similar to using a View Master. There’s a button on the bottom to press to advance the scenes.

What are some of your fun Easter memories? Do you still have goodies from your childhood Easter baskets?

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4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: 1960s Easter

  1. I am surprised you didn’t mention I was wearing gloves in the picture of we two. Also I would think you would have included some of the little tiny chickens and the duck. Actually I may still have those items here. If so, they belong to you.
    I have warm memories of paper mache rabbits we had as children. There was a place on his back where you could insert an Easter Egg. When I was a child, plastic eggs did not exist.

  2. As always, I love this post! Your Friday memories are the best.

    No treasures any more unless they are really packed away. During the brief years we regularly attended church our Sunday School teacher and his wife gave use big chocolate eggs–I think they were Russell Stover. One year my box had a set of three china rabbit which added to my glass animal collection on my dresser. I may still have them–probably in the box with my dollhouse stuff.We weren’t “religious” so Easter was mostly candy. My own kids and I did the Resurrection Eggs and I’ve saved those for future grandchildren. I also wish I could have bought that expensive home-party oak basket company’s Easter baskets for a keepsake.

  3. I enjoyed this, Susan. I remember some crocheted covers for boiled eggs. I think they were made to resemble a chicken. I also remember that we girls hid the Easter eggs many times following Easter. As I recall, there were always some that were lost, never to be reclaimed again.

  4. My fave basket toys of the 1060’s were Silly Putty (in an egg, got one every year) paddle ball toy with string that broke within a week, bubbles, play doh, any wind up chicks or ducks, plastic jump ropes, and packages of flower seeds. (that helped me become a young aged gardener)

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