Menu Plan Monday


Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I am loving this warmer weather, how about you? I am just about ready to bring the bird feeder in for the season, which is good news. This time of year, it starts to attract creatures other than birds. One of the girls captured this image the other night — can you spot the visitor?

skunk at bird feeder

So, let’s look at the week’s menu plan. It’s a busy week (they all are, but this one a little more than most). 4-H meets on Monday night, and daughter #3 has a band concert Wednesday night. Add in 18 piano students in the after-school hours, and it’s a challenge to get dinner on the table each night. But it will get done, no worries 🙂

Monday: One of the girls requested “Spaghetti Boats,” in which I make spaghetti and then serve it on pieces of a French baguette, cut length-wise. Sounds good to me. Last week, I also bought a giant bag of fresh green beans that were marked down, and we have had them twice already. I’ll probably cut up more to go with this. Fresh green beans are so much better than canned, and I just don’t like frozen green beans at all. They squeak when you eat them — anyone with me on this?

Tuesday: Pancakes and applesauce — yes, a typical meal when Dad is gone for work.

Wednesday: Lasagna Soup — maybe bread sticks too, if I can get them made …

Thursday: fish night — Crusted Tilapia Florentine didn’t happen last week, so I’ll try it again this week.

Friday: Calico Beans — good meatless entree

What are you cooking this week? More Menu Plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. It’s leftover buffet at my table until they are depleted. I’ve been looking at some of them for a good while. Makes for easy meals & practically no grocery buying.

  2. It all sounds good. We DO eat Italian green beans that are frozen, but I agree on frozen green beans otherwise. [I loathe canned peas though–must have frozen], I don’t envy you your skunk. We have had many deer in our yard and between them and the neighbors Mastiff mix there’s a lot to “clean up” no with the snow gone. I posted my two recipes for the week [Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole and Oven chicken fajitas] on facebook Saturday. Rounding out the week with what we call “other” sloppy joes [like Iowa Maid-rites] and meatloaf by request. Have a great week!

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