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As you regulars know, I recently spent a wonderful week at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. My favorite Disney park would have to be either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but for today, let’s talk about Epcot.

More specifically, let’s talk about the food at Epcot. Since it features pavilions from various countries, Epcot is famous for its food offerings. Apparently, it’s also popular for its drink options. I saw so many people walking around the Epcot version of Europe holding wine glasses! But, not being a drinker, that wasn’t a draw for me.

Here’s what was:

La Cantina de San Angel nachos Epcot Mexico

Yum! Nachos at La Cantina de San Angel, an outdoor restaurant at the Mexico pavilion in the World Showcase. These counted as a counter service meal in the Disney dining plan, and the serving was so big that my sister and I shared them and still got plenty. The dining plan always includes a dessert, so those are some tasty churros on the right. The fresh ones are delicious!

La Cantina de San Angel bird Epcot Mexico

I loved watching the birds as we ate. They are so smart (and tame) that they hang around for food scraps.

Epcot Germany Sommerfest

I have always loved Germany and all things German, so I made a point of eating a meal in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion. I chose Sommerfest, a counter service restaurant where I could use the dining plan credits.

Sommerfest Germany Epcot currywurst black forest cherry cake

Here you see currywurst (basically seasoned bratwurst with a whole lotta paprika-flavored chips) and the wonderful dessert, black forest cherry cake. Very tasty!

Chefs de France pavilion restaurant Epcot

How about a fancier meal? For our last night at Disney, our group ate at Chefs de France, in (obviously) the France pavilion. Now, France isn’t a special favorite of mine, nor is French cuisine. Still, it was an interesting experience. How can you not love the fountain out front?

Chefs de France pavilion restaurant Epcot house salad

My salad was elegant, and tasted good as well.


Chefs de France Epcot French Onion Soup Gruyere

Another popular choice was the French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese — most of the group ordered this, and loved it.

Chefs de France Epcot salmon lentils bacon

My entree was salmon with braised lentils and veggies — very good! I have never eaten salmon as many times in one week as I did at Disney, but since I had bought the dining plan, I wanted to get my money’s worth 🙂

Chefs de France Epcot

Here’s our whole group, along with Roman, our charming waiter. He actually was from France, and that’s one of the things I love about Epcot: in the pavilions, most employees are actually natives of the country where they’re working. Also note how pretty the restaurant is inside. During our meal, the Illuminations Fireworks program began, and several of us took a break by heading outside to view them.

Chefs de France Epcot chocolate mousse

For dessert, I ordered the recommended chocolate mousse. It was great; the accompanying slice of pound cake a little dry and meh. Oh well, by that point I didn’t feel the need to eat it all, anyway.

If you’ve visited Disney, what is your favorite Epcot food?

7 thoughts on “Fun Epcot Food

  1. I feel like I just took a quick spin through Disney. Thanks so much!

  2. It sounds like you had some good food. I would have loved the French onion soup. The black forest cherry cake also looks delicious. What are the churros? I’ve never heard of them. I’m glad you got to enjoy some good food. I trust you enjoyed the group you were with. I’ve never quite figured out who that was, but I hope you enjoyed them.

  3. Everything sounds yummy to me! I really enjoyed the pictures as well as the narrative. Thanks for sharing your Epcot experience. It brought back good memories for me.

  4. Everything looks delicious! I’d really love the French Onion soup right now for lunch. I love the group photo too. It looks like a wonderful trip.

  5. Oh my goodness, my family and I used to frequent Disneyland about once a month. Since we’ve moved away from the area, it’s been so long since I’ve seen disney anything! This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing!! I hope to one day take my kids to Disneyworld!

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