Childhood Memories Friday: January 1977

Childhood Memories Friday

How about waxing nostalgic over a few more vintage childhood photos? I’ve chosen a few, from January 1977. Sure, I’d like to choose March. But, since our weather patterns are decidedly Arctic with no indication of changing anytime soon, January seemed more appropriate.

snow January 1977

So, here is Dad holding my youngest sister, and then my other sister and me, in front of our house. That’s quite a bit of snow for southern Indiana, but I do remember getting those types of snows, so they weren’t that unusual. Yes, the coat I’m wearing looks sadly like it would have worked better as drapes or a couch. What can I say? It was the ’70s. At least my knee socks are somewhat equal in their droopiness.

snowman January 1977

And here we sisters are again, this time by the back patio with a cute trio of snowmen. I see we’ve scratched some words in the snow in front of them, but I’m not sure what. My middle sister appears to have inherited my favorite childhood coat.

On the back of the photo, Mom wrote “the start of LOTS of snow and missed school.” No wonder we’re smiling.

So, although 1978 gets all the attention with its blizzard, apparently 1977 wasn’t a slacker winter either.

Do you remember January 1977 for any reason?

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5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: January 1977

  1. Lisa, I am so glad you enjoy them 🙂 Yes, it was the classic ’70s split level: upstairs, “main” floor, and basement — each level with about 5 stairs between.

  2. Of all your posts, my favorites are the childhood memories. Even though I got to be around you part of the time as you were growing up, there are many things I’ve learned about you and your sisters while reading these childhood memories.

    As for the winter of 1977, I have no specific recollections of it.

  3. Can you make out what is printed on the pennat/ flag type thing on the right?

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