Menu Plan Monday


Welcome to another wintery Menu Plan Monday! Here we are, just a week before March, and here we’re still in the cycle of snow OR ice OR extreme cold every few days. It’s worn out its welcome, a good month or so ago, hasn’t it? Here’s hoping for better things from March.

It was a busy week here, recuperating from my week at Disney. The week went by so quickly that I really can’t believe it. I’m beginning to get back to normal this week, which is nice.

Here is our menu plan for the week:

Monday: Baked Creamy Cheesy Chicken Flautas — new recipe which one of the girls sent to me via Pinterest. I love that technology is another way to connect!

Tuesday: Pancakes and applesauce — my husband is out of town for the week and so I will take advantage with this meal the rest of us enjoy 🙂

Wednesday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — a tried-and-true favorite

Cheesy Tater Tot casserole crockpot

Thursday: Vegetable Lentil Soup — with bread from the bread machine

vegetable lentil soup

Friday: Make your own pizza. I make dough, each person gets to make his/her own personal pizza with toppings of choice. Confession time– this is one of those recipes that I have become so sick of over the years that I didn’t care if I ever ate another homemade pizza in my life. But, last time I tried it, here is how I made my own pizza. It tasted so good that I think this will be my “default” pizza for myself from now on!

What is on your menu plan this week? More menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. When I open my icebox I can pull out the following foods I have cooked from scratch: salmon patties, hominy casserole, Lees’ wonder slaw, and a double batch of tuna casserole. I always keep a supply of iced tea going. No skipping/forgetting meals at my home. No mam!

  2. Sounds good! We always had stuff “we” liked when Dad traveled. He ate meat and potatoes only in those days! We enjoyed Chinese! I’m happy to not have to plan anything this week. My canceled classes last week and B’s schedule means I’ve got it all covered!

  3. I wish you could see what a friend posted on Facebook about how she’s prepared a lot of meals ahead and it is some deal through Aldis. Do you have any clue what she’s talking about?

  4. I hate to admit this, but I have no idea what pesto is. I guess I’m going to have to research it.

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