Little Tales: Fisher Price Castle

Fisher Price Little People Tales

For most of my growing-up years, it was my and my sister, who was 3 years younger. When we got “matching” gifts of any sort, it always seemed to me that my sister came out ahead. For instance, several times we were given a boy/girl set of dolls, and inevitably I was given the boy, while she got the girl.

One Christmas, she and I had each asked our grandparents for prized Little People toys. One item on both of our lists was the amazing Little People Castle. Given my history, I had the sinking suspicion that, should one of us get the castle, it would not be me. So, on the way to the Christmas celebration, I attempted to make a deal with her: how about if we shared any Little People toys we might receive?

Once inside the house, I guessed from the size of the boxes that I might have possibly, in some inextricable twist of fate, have scored the Fisher Price Castle. I quickly told my sister to never mind our hastily-made deal. We would just keep what we got!

Fisher Price Little People Castle

Friends, the miraculous occurred: I opened my box, and inside was the most miraculous Little People toy yet — the castle! Yes, I have loved castles long before I was captivated by Princess Diana and later, King Ludwig.  I could imagine so many awesome scenarios that could take place in this wondrous fortress.

Of course, being Fisher Price, it had so many fabulous features.

Fisher Price Castle trap door

Up on the rooftop, this innocuous-looking yellow board is actually a trap door. Step on it, and you will tumble down into …

Fisher Price Castle dungeon

… this dungeon! Complete with raising door! Of course, given the friendly frogs and turtles in the moat, maybe it’s not that scary (although there’s a friendly alligator floating just under the drawbridge).

Fisher Price Castle dragon den

Heading around to the side, we come upon this rocky den — and inside, a (admittedly cute and pink) dragon! Just behind him, the yellow piece is actually a sliding door into the castle itself.

Fisher Price vintage castle stairs

Let’s go inside the castle. Sure, the floor is looking a little worse for the wear, but c’mon — it’s probably 40 years old. Note the Fisher Price details from the food on the table to the decor along the stairs. Oh, and mentioning the stairs?

Fisher Price vintage castle stairs

Yes, you can slide them open to reveal A SECRET HIDING SPOT! (see, someone is in there right now!). You can also see upstairs —  I’m reminded of the little velvet covers I made for each bed. And don’t miss the eyes peeking out of the window in the door! The wonders never end with Fisher Price toys, and I appreciated them fully. So many fun times were spent with the various characters in this castle.

Years later, my mom bought me an updated version of the castle which I brought to school for my school kids to enjoy. However, it wasn’t nearly as neat as this original (and yes, this one spent years in my classroom too. I remember one year when our class hatched chicks, and the kids even had chicks exploring the castle).

How about you? Did you get to play with one of these amazing castles when you were little?

4 thoughts on “Little Tales: Fisher Price Castle

  1. As I’ve said many times, I don’t think Fisher Price existed in my time. I’ve been trying to think about my favorite toys when I was young. I would say they were either my skates or my dolls.

  2. Pretty sad that I don’t even remember you getting a castle in your childhood. I know you got one around when you were teaching. I was thinking Mike liked it as much as you did! I like that Fisher-Price encourages being creative.

  3. We didn’t have Fisher Price sets – so my mother cut windows and doors in big cardboard boxes, and we pasted pieces of fabric on them for curtains. The most fun doll I ever had was one with golden curls who came with her own beautician’s chair. Fun times!

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