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Mad King Ludwig's Castles course

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If you’re planning a trip to Germany, no doubt one of the highlights for you will be the castles. And the most iconic German castle of all is Neuschwanstein. Did you know that the man who built this castle is perhaps even more fascinating than the castle itself? That’s right, he’s none other than “mad” King Ludwig.

Ludwig also built a few other castles, each as interesting as Neuschwanstein it its own right.

Over the years, I have taught many about eccentric King Ludwig and his castles. I wrote a book about them.

And now, I’ve just completed a course about them over at Udemy, a wonderful site where you can take courses on thousands of topics.

The course is called The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

I designed it for several target customers.

  • Foremost in my mind were those who planned to visit one or more of the castles in Germany and want to know more about them before leaving home. Many people prefer listening to information rather than reading it, and that’s what you’ll get here. The course also shows you more photos of the inside  of the castles, and you’ll learn about Ludwig’s background as well.
  • Another target customer would be the person who just returned from a trip to Germany. Trust me, once you’ve set foot into “Ludwig land,” you’re going to want to know more about him unless you’re totally brain-dead 🙂 This course offers you about an hour’s worth of information on him (as well as 2 quizzes for you overachievers!).
  • Finally, the course would be an excellent basis for a study for homeschoolers or for anyone who’d like to know more about one of history’s most fascinating characters and about some of Europe’s most interesting landmarks.

All of this can be yours for just $25. And for loyal readers, I’m giving a $5 discount.

Enjoy the course! Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to all the lectures and course materials, so there is no hurry. You can listen and watch again each time you return to Germany.

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