Little Tales: Fisher Price Houseboat

Fisher Price Little People Tales

Today’s Little Tales focuses on one of my very favorite Little People toys ever: the houseboat.Fisher Price Little People Houseboat

I was maybe 7 or 8 when I got it, and I spent hours and hours playing with it. It spent lots of time docked on dry land, but I also brought it out into our plastic swimming pool, the bathroom sink, and even to Florida on our Disney vacation (Toto the dog drowned in the hotel pool, but Fisher Price kindly sent a replacement when Mom wrote them a letter).


As always, it’s the cool details that made this Fisher Price toy so special. All the people were plastic, so they would float. But, they also got little life preservers. And notice the raised plastic bump next to the girl? Those are spots where the Little People will fit (the boy is on one) to get a better view of the ocean.


The deck chairs looked a little bare, so Mom made covers for them. They have survived the years and still look great (“Those chairs look so sad without the covers,” one of my girls said recently).


The roof of the cabin lifts up to reveal a detailed table and chairs. Looks like it’s lobster for dinner …


More awesome details — a diving board that can be pulled out or pushed back into its slot. And a little boat that can ride on the back, or float on its own.


And, most magical of all — the stairs leading up to the deck, and the neat hallway to the kitchen! Fisher Price really had an eye for the details that were magical to kids and inspired the imagination. So many Little People walked up those steps and down the hallway over the years. Wonderful memories!

What was your favorite Little People toy? Did you have the houseboat too?

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5 thoughts on “Little Tales: Fisher Price Houseboat

  1. If you will look in your Wee Me Book you will learn exactly when you received each toy. As to the chair covers, those were scraps from some summer pjs I made for Dad. I am about positive more of the same scraps remain to this moment in the attic fabric stash.

  2. I’ve never seen the houseboat before – so cute! My kids had the schoolbus that they played with before kindergarten, but weren’t so enamored with it after they went to school! They always loved the little barn and animals.

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