Little Tales: Fisher Price Ferris Wheel

Fisher Price Little People Tales

On last week’s Little Tales post, KJ mentioned having a Little People RV (somehow I missed that particular toy), and the fun she’d had with the little toilet that was included. That’s one of my favorite aspects of Fisher Price Little People toys: the attention to detail.

Fisher Price Ferris Wheel

Here is my ferris wheel, nearly 50 years old and some worse for the wear, but still basically working. The music still plays; even before I cranked the knob this morning I knew what the melody would be: “In the Good Old Summertime.”

Fisher Price Ferris Wheel details

Beneath the wheel, how’s this for a detail? A lazy rabbit, watching the action.

Fisher Price Ferris Wheel details

And if you look carefully near the gears, you can even spot a nest, complete with a mama bird and her babies!

Fisher Price Ferris Wheel details

The back features all kinds of neat details — the balloon man, the happy kids, and I love the way the top of the hot air balloon fits the shape of the top of the wooden piece. In the background, off to the right, the unhappy ferris wheel operator, who we always called Butch. No wonder he’s scowling: his job looks like hard work!

Fisher Price Ferris Wheel details

And some detail from another view: these are the old-style Little People, and I love that a dog character is even included. The round sticker with the dog’s face is something I guess I added myself, and I’m not sure of its origin. I do remember that I considered stickers very special as a child, and if I had an especially good one, I gave a lot of thought to where I would stick it. No random putting stickers all over a paper for me! Sometimes, I took this proclivity a little too far. I recently discovered several German stickers from a penpal. Apparently, they were so special that I never put them anywhere at all, because they were in a box with some stationery. At this point, where will they go? Ah, dilemmas.

If this post spurs any Fisher Price memories for you, fire away in the comments. I love hearing your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Little Tales: Fisher Price Ferris Wheel

  1. I half way think as a child in the 1940s we might have had an early Fisher-Price pull toy. Google Fisher-Price Toy Wagon and look for 2 horses pulling a wagon. That looks familiar to me.
    The shape the ferris wheel is in speaks volumes to the fact we TOOK CARE of our things. I still do!

  2. I would definitely have said that we didn’t have Fisher-Price toys when I was a child if I hadn’t read the above comments. I have no memory of those toys, in any case, until I saw you playing with them.

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