Little Tales: The Evolution of Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People Tales

Today, I begin a new feature on Girls in White Dresses Blog: Little Tales. These feature the beloved Fisher Price Little People of my childhood. I’ll share memories, but I’m hoping some of you will join in as well.

There’s just something about these toys. Check them out in the blog button (made by my talented and helpful daughter) — don’t you just want to pick up a few and start playing? And I love that they don’t do anything other than what children make them do. They’re wonderful for imaginative play, for sure.

Fisher Price Little People Tales

I thought it would be interesting to look at the evolution of Little People. The first two, on the left, are two of my earliest Little People. They are wood, and I think the guy came from my Old Woman in the Shoe toy — although I’m not sure. After all, why would a man be in that toy? The second one might be a girl from the afore-mentioned shoe, or she might have come with my Ferris Wheel.

The girl in green is wood as well, but has the more updated features that a majority of  my Little People share.

Then, the girl in orange is the newer, plastic type. I know the people that came with my Houseboat were plastic — after all, they had to float.

And finally — the farmer on the right belonged to my girls. Yes, believe it or not, this is what passes for a “little person” today in Fisher Price toys. He’s undoubtedly cute, but I have to think he’s a step back from the originals. Why did they change the design so radically? Fear of choking hazard? I guess that’s really the only reason I can think of. Or maybe they wanted them to be a comment on the way we Americans have super-sized in the past generation or so …

Do you have any Little People memories? Or do your children enjoy little people? If so, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’d love to share photos of today’s kids enjoying the Little People, or hear stories from your childhood.

7 thoughts on “Little Tales: The Evolution of Fisher Price Little People

  1. We had the coolest Little People ‘soft’ sided house when I was a kid, with an elevator that always ended up broken with a tangled string. It came with some furniture, which we used over the years.

    Then, later we got a Little People RV! It was so awesome. Not only did it come with a toilet (we laughed about that one repeatedly…give little kids a miniature toilet and they will be silly for hours), but the top was a rowboat! We floated the rowboat in the bathtub and eventually in our backyard pool That RV got tons of use.

    Thanks for bringing up good memories. We mostly had the middle style of Little People, but I know we had one or two older ones. Never had the all plastic version. ICK!

  2. I was born at least a generation too early to have little people in my life. But I know you and your next oldest sibling loved playing with them. I don’t remember if your youngest sibling played with them or not. Glad you had such wholesome things with which to play.

  3. We had all kinds of Little People in our home. One year when my mom asked abut what to get the boys for Christmas, I mentioned one of the Little People sets, thinking they could share it. But she bought them each one and my sister individually wrapped a number of Little People for stocking stuffers. My husband joked that we were going to have to add on a room just for Little People. We had the LP car wash, Main Street, garage, farm, and it seems like maybe a school. I think all of ours were the smaller plastic ones, but I think I remember wooden ones from my own childhood. When my youngest was small they started going to the squatty body type, which I didn’t like at all. They just weren’t the same, and you couldn’t use them with the older sets.

  4. When you were nearing age one Dad and I were shopping for your birthday gift. We went to Sears in Seymour (around where Bevers’ Drug Store is now), and bought you the Old Woman in a Shoe Fisher-Price toy, complete with people. It was 50 years ago and I have no clue what attracted us to that particular item. The rest is history.
    A dozen Little People are lined up in my kitchen window right this minute. I would say the Bugler sisters placed them there when they visited Thanksgiving and I’ve left them there for the effect. One of the 12 is a really old wooden one with a green body. In my family room printers’ tray is an old old Fisher Price woman. I just now turned her over and there is a touch of red nail polish under her. I KNOW that indicated ownership – so it is either Jill’s or yours.
    A few years ago at a Rummage Sale I bought a very old Fisher Price school bus complete with some wooden people. I paid very little for it. It was a steal!
    I know the FP people have evolved but we all have. I think the new ones are adorable, too! Some of the new sets I am tempted to buy myself!

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