Livionex: A Better Toothpaste — Review

Thanks to Livionex for a tube of toothpaste to review with affiliate links. All opinions my own.
Livionex toothpaste
Update, April 2015: I’m happy to report good results from my last trip to the dentist. The hygienist mentioned that a couple of places, my “gum score” went from 4 to 3 (I’ve learned you want a lower number). I told her I’d been using a new toothpaste, and she was curious. I showed her a Livionex flier. So, this has made me a true believer. I purposely didn’t mention anything about the toothpaste to her before she worked on my teeth, because I wanted her unbiased opinion. Oh, and if you’re looking for a coupon? Read through the comments; a dental employee has kindly provided a 10% off code.

With age comes … work. Hard work.

I remember a few years ago reading something about back fat. Back fat??? I thought. Some people actually have fat on their backs? How could this be? It almost seemed like a moral failing.

And then, one day I hopped into bed and wrapped my arms around myself to conserve warmth. I soon noted that my fingers had something to grab. Oh no! I was apparently developing back fat!

My back becoming flabby is apparently not my only bit of decline. About a decade ago, the dental hygienist asked if I flossed every day. Hmmmm. I’d never been asked that before.  Did my gums not look so good?

In the last year, the same hygienist presented me with dental picks and suggested I use them.

Oh dear. How much further can things go downhill? Apparently, more upkeep is necessary as we age for various body parts — one of those being our teeth and gums.

No longer can we skip brushing or flossing. They become necessities if we want to keep our mouths healthy for the years to come.

So, a mention of Livionex Dental Gel toothpaste caught my eye in a magazine recently. Why? After all, there are many toothpaste choices in the stores. And honestly, most all of them are far less expensive than Livionex.

But Livionex has some powerful inducements in its favor:

  • it’s over 2.5 time more effective than leading toothpastes in removing plaque from teeth, which results in better gum health and less gum bleeding
  • it remineralizes teeth better than other toothpastes (think: it strengthens tooth enamel)
  • it doesn’t contain abrasives, but it does contain edathamil, which breaks up bacterial biofilm (plaque) quite effectively

Livionex seems a bit different from “regular” toothpastes in that it’s runnier. You don’t use much of it. It doesn’t foam. It’s more a liquid than a paste.

Livionex toothpaste on brush

My teeth felt really clean after using it.

The real “proof in the pudding” will be what my hygienist says at my next dentist visit, in a few months. I’m going to see if she notices a difference in my gums’ condition, and if so, I think I’ll be investing in Livionex as a gift to myself this year. The reviews on their site, written by dentists, are pretty convincing. I plan to update this post in late April with my findings, so be sure to check back.

If you have issues with your gums or with excessive plaque, check into Livionex and see how it works for you.

Livionex — Where to Buy, How to Save

Livionex is only available online — not in stores. If, like me, you’d like a coupon or code to use to bring the cost down a bit, ask your dentist/hygienist for a professional discount code which will give you 10% off Livionex at They can go to the website and follow instructions to register as a dental professional. There is no charge for the code to them. You can also purchase Livionex Dental Gel at Amazon, so if you’re a Prime member (or order $49+), you can get free shipping.

Have you tried Livionex? What was your experience?





22 thoughts on “Livionex: A Better Toothpaste — Review

  1. Never heard of this before, but I’ll definitely look for it. So many products today aren’t safe and I already have problems with my teeth – this could help! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this toothpaste…We never heard of it before this.
    Looking forward to using it for myself & family.

  3. Thanks for the review. I had never heard of this toothpaste either. Worth a look. Getting the same pressure from my hygienist!

  4. My dear girl, you don’t even know about age-related body deterioration! It now takes me 15-30 minutes longer to get ready for bed than it did when I was young because of all the things I have to care for that are body related (and many are waaay too personal to post here). You’ve seen your best days, dear heart. It’s mostly down hill from where you currently are. (I wish I could encourage you, but you know I’ve always told the truth!)

  5. I do seem to have an abundance of plaque on my teeth although neither my hygienist or dentist has really said much about it. As to Livionex Toothpaste, that’s a new one on me! I use whatever toothpaste the hygienist gives me for free when my teeth are cleaned or the toothpaste I get free at CVS or Walgreens using their sales/coupons. I brush my teeth once a day if they need it or not. I have GOOD teeth! I have no cavities in my mouth!

  6. Wow…this looks like a tube of very serious toothpaste. I like the fact that it remineralizes teeth…that is something that I am interested in.

  7. Nice, I’ve never heard of this toothpaste! Anything that will reduce the amount of plaque and the scraping of my teeth at the dentist would be great!

  8. FYI, Susan, I wanted to follow up on this. I bought 3 tubes of Livionex gel after your post (if you look, you can find 10% off coupon codes online to bring down the cost). I have been using it for about 5 days now, and I LOVE it. Oh my gosh, are my teeth super duper clean. And I wake up with really smooth, clean teeth. I also have found that it took a couple of days to figure out how much to use in order to get maximum effect. Also, I think that it takes a few days of use to really feel the incredible improvement in the feel of your teeth mouth.

    I was curious about bad breath, because this gel has very little mint taste. I read up on their website that this gel also helps combat bad breath, which is also connected to the bacteria that causes plaque. So it took me a little bit to be okay with no minty breath after brushing.

    I have a dentist appointment scheduled for next Monday, and I am waiting to find out my hygienist’s reaction to my teeth. My husband is also waiting for that moment…because he liked the gel, but he didn’t like the price. He needs that feedback to know it is worth it.

    I have spread the news to my mother & sister. Sounds like some family members have plaque issues (it looks like your genetics can play a big role in how much plaque accumulates on your teeth) and the suggestion of this new product was welcome.

    Thanks so much for your review, or I never would’ve found this stuff!

  9. KJ, thanks so much for following up! I am thrilled it is working so well for you, and yes, I also feel like my gums may be doing better with it. Want to get confirmation from the hygienist first before “reporting” that though! I agree that genetics are a big part of many health things, including proclivity to getting cavities and gum disease, etc. I’m excited to have discovered Livionex as well and would consider it a small price to pay in the long run with healthier gums.

  10. A segmenr about Livionex was just on CBS This Morning.
    They had the inventor in a interview talking about a test
    done by the American Dental Association. Also showing
    magnified photos of how much less plaque was left on the
    teeth after use of livionex. Also it makes the future plaque
    release so much easier. Check it out on you tube.
    Also for fresher breath try a tongue scraper. You won’t
    belive what comes off you tongue in the mornings.

  11. I saw the segment on CBS this morning and am looking for a coupon to help with cost but all are expired. I want to order it today while I’m thinking about it, and not have to wait to remember and have time to call my dentist. Are there any new ones since the one that expired in Feb 2015?

  12. I am a hygienist and I have been using and recommending livionex for about 6 months.

  13. This company has horrible customer service. I ordered a tube, which never arrived because it was apparently delivered to the wrong zip code. Even when confronted with their mistake, the company refused to ship a new tube or offer a refund. What a joke. I would not buy from them ever again.

  14. I love this product! After one tube, I am back to order more. My teeth feel like I just left the dentist’s office after I brush my teeth. Be careful not to use too much and don’t let it just sit on a wet toothbrush. You need to apply it and use it immediately. Excellent product!

  15. I ordered from tbem and I had no problems whatsoever. I have no complaints about their service!

  16. I purchased Livionex in Feb of this year and used it daily and no other toothpaste. When I went to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned the hygienist asked me what I did different. My teeth were never so stained and full of tarter!!!!! I do not recommend this product. My hygienist has cleaned my teeth for 30 years and she could not believe how bad they were.

  17. I have been using it for 6 months and I too got a better check up. I did everything the same but used Livionex dental at night. Very happy with the product and will be seeing how things look at a year. If it saves your teeth the $20 is nothing. Tooth implants are $4-6 thousand.

  18. They were great. This is a great product. I use the original mint one and like the taste. Your teeth feel really clear.

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