Snowman’s Story: Review

Thanks to Will Hillenbrand for a review copy of Snowman’s Story.
Snowman's Story Hillenbrand

As a former teacher, a mom, and — well, just as a human being, I love children’s picture books. I love looking at them and appreciating the skill and effort required to produce the artwork they contain. That’s just what “Snowman’s Story” by Will Hillenbrand is full of. What a perfect book for this frigid time of year!

I won’t tell you about the story, because this is a wordless book. So, you (or the child in your life) can make up the story. Sure, there is a basic outline that becomes clear, but a nice thing about wordless books is that you can give the story your own personal touch.

Basically, one wintry day, a hat lands on the head of a newly-made snowman and brings him to life. Hiding inside the hat is a rabbit, who listens to the snowman read a story to some animal friends. When the snowman falls asleep, the rabbit hops away with the book. But the snowman isn’t about to let his story—or the mischievous rabbit—get away. The chase is on!

Who is Will Hillenbrand? He lives in Ohio with his wife and son, and he has illustrated over 50 other books. Learn more about him, and get a feel for his art, at his beautiful website.

Have I mentioned how much I love this book? The artwork features beautiful, wintery colors. The animals are whimsical and fun (and the bunny lover in me loves that a rabbit is prominently featured). The snowman is friendly and good-natured. I think this is the perfect book to “read” with a child during these long, cold, winter days.

My copy is currently standing on my foyer table, where it adds a beautiful touch to my home decor.

Snowman's Story Hillenbrand

You can’t go wrong with “Snowman’s Story.” Have you read any books by Will Hillenbrand?

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  1. It sounds just delightful and very appropriate for today!

  2. I had never heard of him, but I just love that art work. I’d love to share this with my little grandson when he is a little older.

  3. I’ve never heard of the author/artist, but I’m going to do some research about him.

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