Random Act of Kindness

random act of kindness

It was just another Sunday lunch. Church was over, and we were sitting at Fazoli’s.

“Where’s our food?” asked someone. “This is taking SO long!”

Someone else began critiquing the sermon … and I drifted off mentally to my “happy place.”

But this was interrupted by a little boy and girl, maybe 5 and 7 years old. They approached our table and held out a little jelly jar to me.

“Here,” they said. “This is for you. You use it to wash your hands.”

And then they turned and left, heading out the door and into a van, where I looked at the driver — presumably their mom. She waved at me and smiled, and I did the same.

I studied the jar, feeling pretty excited, because we had been victims of the much-vaunted random act of kindness. You know, when you do something nice for someone, preferably a stranger, just for the sake of being nice.

The hand scrub now sits on the downstairs bathroom counter, where it gives me a happy feeling each time I use a bit.

Because despite the headlines, and despite our daily discouragements, there are still good people in the world.

Do you have a random act of kindness story?

6 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. I do not have a story like yours, but in the last 10 years or so, I try to speak more often when I see a woman who has a nice hairstyle, pretty clothes, neat shoes or interesting jewelry. Women of all ages need to hear more often that they look nice, pretty, interesting, beautiful. So I try to add some brightness to someone’s day by complimenting!

  2. KJ, that is awesome! I fully agree. It feels so nice to receive a compliment, and it’s often even better when it comes from a complete stranger, maybe because it’s unexpected? 🙂

  3. I was told in the years Aunt Dorothy was in the Huntingburg Nursing Home she very frequently complimented the staff on their pretty hair or nice finger nails, or something else. Consequently I am told they LOVED her! I think it tore them up when she passed away! Aunt Dorothy was like that – a very sweet, caring lady!
    Your story about the RAK Sunday is so nice in this wretched age we live in.

  4. I just had one on Sunday at church, a church that supported me during my missionary career. A lady whom I don’t know and have no way of knowing, walked up to me after I’d been identified as a visiting retired missionary. In her hand was a rolled up $20 bill, which she shoved into mine, saying, “I’m sure you can use this.” Bless her heart!

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