Theo The Tales of Little Overhill: The Good Rat

Thanks to Family Christian for providing a review copy of this book, and the giveaway certificate. All opinions mine; no financial compensation was received.

No doubt about it: kids love animals. So, what better way to introduce kids to Bible stories than to use animals, right?

Right. How about a rat?

Before you immediately turn up your nose at this, have a look at Theo, The Tales of Little Overhill: The Good Rat.

Theo Good Rat Overhill


This book, the first in an eventual series, teaches the story of the Good Samaritan in a charming way, with illustrations featuring animals: Simon the shrew, Luther and Belfry, the church mice; Matilda, the hedgehog, and Wigglesworth, the good Samaritan rat. That’s right: Theo isn’t the rat. He’s the one human in the book, who plays the role of the innkeeper.

The illustrations are sweet and have a vintage-y look that I love, and the text has a decidedly English flair (the animals are going to market, things are “dreadful,” etc.)

There is some odd formatting of the text, which will hopefully be cleaned up in a future edition. However, that likely won’t put off children from enjoying this sweet book. Listed at the end is the Scripture reference where they can turn to get the “real story.”

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