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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas this Menu Plan Monday, and that means that menu planning is rather rushed. The way I planned the meals this week was to sit on the couch with a piece of paper, while watching National Lampoon Christmas Vacation on Saturday night (highly recommended). I just thought of foods that sounded good, jotted them down, and now I present them to you — enjoy!

Monday: Chicken Pot Pie — a favorite

Tuesday: Foil Packet Taco Chickenanother family favorite; easy to individualize so it’s great for picky eaters

Wednesday: Cheesy Lentil Loaf — a good meatless option

Thursday: Lasagna Soup — great for cold days; just add bread sticks 🙂

Friday: Make your own pizza, in which I make pizza dough and each person makes their own pizza with toppings of choice

As promised, here are photos from Saturday’s Christmas piano recital/party. It went very well!

Christmas candy bark

kids playing gamesRudolph peanut butter reindeer cookies

The kids played wonderfully, and had fun playing games. Here were some recipes that went over well, in case you are looking for ideas:

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

Easy Christmas Candy

Christmas Bark

Have a great week, everyone — more Menu Plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I have been using The Fresh 20’s weekly recipes since this summer, and it has seriously helped me in the stress-free cooking department. My kids don’t 100% love everything made, but I am really liking the cooking techniques you learn and the new veggies/fruits/spices that are incorporated into my life. Also eating less beef and more chicken/fish/turkey which can’t be bad. 🙂

    Comes with a weekly shopping list, recipes, and calorie/nutrition content.

  2. I’m having trouble viewing you recipes because I’m not on Pinterest. When I got there, it put’s up a sign that covers the entire page trying to get me to sign up for it. Bummer!

    Glad your recital went well. I didn’t realize how much of a social event it was, like allowing the kids to play games, etc. What did the parents do while this was going on?

  3. Oh dear — I didn’t realize that if you weren’t on Pinterest you couldn’t get the recipes. Try these links: for the bark and for the reindeer cookies

    And my Christmas party/recital is just for the kids, so parents drop them off (not enough room at my house for an audience). Parents etc. are invited to the May recital, which is at a church.

  4. FYI, you have to pay for a membership in order to access The Fresh 20 service. However, I paid for 3 months ($18), and then they offered me a bargain deal for a whole year (I think it was $25 or something). So they do have specials every now and then. You can download one week of menu planning for free to try it out. As I recall, the sample menu was not 100% fabulous (for me and my family), but it was good enough that I thought I’d give it a whirl. Some recipes are not too weird for us, but I have learned how to change up some of the spices/meats in order to make it more acceptable. I have also learned that I do not like tomatillos or egg plant. LOL!

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