Musical Christmas Ornaments

Musical Christmas OrnamentsLast year, I needed a Christmas gift idea for my piano students.  I wanted to make each of them a Christmas tree ornament, and since there are several students, I didn’t want to spend a lot.

Here’s how I ended up making inexpensive ornaments using old music:

music cut into strips

First, I cut old pieces of Christmas music into strips.


music curled

Then, I curled the strips. I used a scissors, just as I’d do if I were curling ribbon (if your music is on the older side, you’ll want to be careful not to tear it while curling it).

clear glass ball ornaments

Buy a box of clear glass ornaments. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. Various sizes are available, but the ones I used were about 2.5″ in diameter. The tops come off, making it easy to place several curls of music into each one. I also added a strand or two of silver “icicle” into each ball.


IMG_0126With a gold paint pen, I wrote each student’s name and the year on the ornament. If you look closely, you can see that in the photo above.

Related ideas would be to cut strips from pages of a favorite book for a book lover. Or, fill the glass ball with any tiny item that’s meaningful to you. My oldest daughter, who loves marching band, filled a ball with tiny bits of turf from the practice field.

Merry Christmas, all!

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