Menu Plan Monday


Christmas busy-ness seems like it’s in full swing, this Menu Plan Monday — how about at your house? There are two really busy evenings this week, which always makes menu planning a challenge.

Last week, I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, “The Middle.” As often happens on this show, the family (which is always struggling with money) was digging into a typical evening meal of fast food burgers. I know this is just a sit com, but I just thought how much they could help their financial situation by using menu planning and cooking at home rather than getting fast food every night. Think about it — how much would it cost a family of 5 to bring home McDonald’s for dinner? Probably at least $25. It doesn’t cost nearly as much to prepare food at home, plus it’s healthier as well. I know, it’s true that it takes time. But, with some planning, it can be done. I have 17 piano students who come to my home each week during prime dinner-prep hours, and with planning I do make it work. You can, too — and I know that I’m preaching to the choir here, because many of you already do.

Here’s the plan:

Monday: Lasagna, perhaps of this crockpot variety

Tuesday: Beef and Bean Taco Casserole — found this on a MPM post from last December and it sounds tasty.

Wednesday: probably frozen pizzas — in addition to 5 piano students, there is a band concert for daughter #3 and Christmas open house at the animal shelter for daughter #2.

Thursday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — a favorite

Friday: Daughter #2 and I are going to a dinner at a local animal rescue place. Leftover buffet for the others?

Saturday is my much-anticipated annual Christmas piano recital/party. I’ll let you know next week how that goes — and also hopefully include some photos of the food 🙂

Have a great week, every one — more Menu Plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You make me so proud of you. I also love how you make each child feel special by doing things with each of them. I hope someday this will come back for you.
    Amazingly, I too have a piano recital scheduled for Saturday, December 13 at 2 P.M.

  2. I’m not taking anything away from you, but you are a super organized person. I’m not sure you should expect everyone to pull off the same thing you’re able to do. I feel sorry for people who only eat fast food though. It can’t be healthy to do it all the time, and they must get tired of it. More power to you, Susan, for taking care of your family as you do!

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