Fort Wayne Embassy Festival of Trees

Fort Wayne Festival of Trees

I love my town. It’s small enough not to be overwhelming, yet big enough to have lots of wonderful events. Like this one — the Embassy Festival of Trees. It’s held at the downtown historic Embassy Theater. Various businesses decorate trees, which fill the lobby at Christmas time. How beautiful it is!

Embassy Festival of Trees

I enjoyed wandering the area, just taking photos and enjoying all the lights and decor. I remember visiting the Festival of Trees with the girls when they were little, pointing out things to them. It was fun then, and it’s fun now as well, to visit and have the opportunity to contemplate …

Nutcrackers Festival of Trees

There was even a big collection of Nutcrackers. Beautiful and fun!


My real reason for visiting was to see a piano student perform in a “Frozen” themed ballet program. I love watching my “piano kids” involved in their various activities, and it’s fun to realize that even though my own kids are growing up, there will always be kids out there to teach and to enjoy. Throughout the festival, musical groups perform on the Embassy stage. You can watch dance, listen to an orchestra or a choir, or even watch gymnastics.

Throughout the trees, friendly and helpful Embassy volunteers were stationed to greet visitors and answer questions.

If you live anywhere near Fort Wayne, plan to visit the festival. It’s almost over for this year — its 30th year — but it happens annually. Do you have a similar Christmas tradition in your town? I’d love to hear about it.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Fort Wayne Embassy Festival of Trees

  1. This blog is an excellent example of looking for the good things that each of us are surrounded with. I have never attended the Festival of Trees but it sounds like a beautiful spot. I hope you will continue to go each year. When I was a child a favorite event for our family to do together was to go to Merle Yenevine’s handmade display of tiny little wooden people doing all sorts of things. It was displayed on his enclosed front porch in Huntingburg Indiana. I am not doing it any justice with my description of same. It was amazing – but in thinking back (we had NO television) I wonder if it was as fantastic as I remember it to have been.
    I honestly think that collection has now been moved and can be seen to this day in another Indiana city.
    I know I am spelling his name incorrectly.

  2. There is a similar display in Grand Rapids at the Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park at Christmas time. They decorate many, many Christmas trees based on the way people in various countries would decorate their trees. On the first day of this event, the lights are turned on simultaneously and there are live carolers. It is a fun event. You should come some Christmas season and we’ll go there.

  3. How beautiful – I will have to go some year! 🙂 By the way, have you ever been to the Historical Society’s Gingerbread display? I just went last night and it was so much fun! It was their free night, and some of the creations were really impressive!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed the nutcrackers this year. I have been collecting them for about 25 years and thought they would add something different to the festival this year. Hopefully they will return next year.

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