Top Royal Baby Name Picks for Kate Middleton & Prince William

Even before his or her birth, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second royal baby is world famous. What will Baby Cambridge’s parents name the tot? While naming is a private decision, it’s a safe bet that “North,” “Apple,” or “Suri” won’t be making the cut. British royal family members are  a traditional lot — their first baby, after all, was named George. And while William and Kate are decidedly modern in their approach to royalty, they aren’t rebels. Here’s what you might expect in the way of baby names for the couple this time around:


While Kate was expecting Prince George, the world breathlessly wondered if the expected baby would be a girl, named in homage to William’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, who died tragically in a Paris car accident in 1997. Most likely: no. Diana was a world-class media superstar, and it would be a heavy burden to give a child her name. Diana as a middle name (royals often have several)? Perhaps. Another option for a first or middle name to honor William’s mum is Frances, Diana’s middle name.


Philip would be a fitting name for a little Prince of Cambridge, and would honor William’s grandfather, current Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip. By all accounts, Philip has done a royally impressive job supporting the Queen through 60 years of royal rule. He’s still going strong, despite some recent health problems, at 93. William and Kate could do worse than name a child in his honor. Philip would be a bit of a novelty as well; there’s never been a British monarch with the name.

source: by Auspic/Commonwealth of Australia [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Alexandra has a bit of a modern feel but historic roots. It’s one of current Queen Elizabeth’s middle names, the name of one of William’s godmothers, and also the name of British King Edward VII’s wife. How does HRH Alex sound?


James is the current #1 odds name for a baby boy. It’s a nice, traditional name that would pair well with George — and Kate also has a brother named James.


“Charlotte’s Web” isn’t the inspiration here; no, Charlotte is the middle name of Kate’s sister, Pippa. It’s a popular name among the posh set of young adults that form William and Kate’s world. It’s also got royal roots: Charlotte was the wife of King George III, who reigned when the American colonies broke away from England.


It’s fun to speculate that the royal baby could be named Elizabeth, same as her great-grandmother.  Elizabeth is Kate’s middle name as well. The latest polls show Elizabeth as the #1 speculated choice for a girl’s name for the couple.

Why more girl names speculated on than boys? Perhaps because there are more likely girl names in the mix. During the past thousand years, only eight different names have been used by predominantly male British monarchs.

The Waiting Game

Once Baby Cambridge arrives, don’t expect the modern custom of gender and name being announced all at once. It’s traditional for royals to wait with naming. William’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, waited a week before announcing William’s name. William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice, didn’t have a name for two weeks. And Prince Charles himself wasn’t named for a month!

What name would you like to see chosen for the new baby? Are you predicting a girl or a boy?

5 thoughts on “Top Royal Baby Name Picks for Kate Middleton & Prince William

  1. Am I dreaming or did I read they know they will have a girl. I also have read her name is chosen and it is Diana. I guess time will tell.

  2. It won’t be James–Prince Edward’s son is James. But more important it’s the name of two of Di’s lovers: Squiggy Tape guy: James Gilbey [the Gin heir] and the infamous James Hewett, the one people still persist in thinking is Harry’s father. Lol…. MAYBE, it might creep in there somewhere in the list, but I doubt it–the Tabloids would have a field day even though it is Kate’s brother’s name.

    IIf they do another “Spencer” name then Elizabeth [Sarah Spencer McCorquadale’s “real” first name for her Godmother the Queen Mother, Margaret [6th Earl’s Wife] Anne [Late Earl Spencer’s Sister] Diana. OR Albert [7th and 6th Earls] Edward [Diana’s father’s “real” first name] Charles [Current Earl] Edmund [A Spencer name–and the name of Earl Spencer’s son by his 2nd wife] Maurice [Diana’s maternal Grandfather]

    Personally my choices are about the same as last time: Alexandra Elizabeth Catherine Diana or Philip Charles Albert William–nice combination of both Spencer/Royal and Royal-only names. Edmund could make it in there, too, as it is a Spencer name. Prince George (late Duke of Kent0 and his great-grandson, Lord Downpatrick both had/have Edmund as one of their names.Maurice was, iirc, last used in the Battenberg/Mountabatten family, the son of Victoria’s daughter Beatrice and Henry of Battenberg was Maurice–he was killed in WWI so fitting for this time period of the Centenary. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (formerly Princess Alice of Albany/Princess Alexander of Teck, longest lived of Victoria’s grandchildren) had a son named Maurice who died as an infant.

  3. I thought I too had read that it is a girl. But I may certainly be wrong.

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