Curby’s Closet Baby Shoes Patterns

Thanks to Curby’s Closet for 2 patterns for review. No financial compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Welcome to the 2014 Girls in White Dresses Blog Christmas Gift Guide!

This month, I’d like to introduce you to some products I enjoy. Since this is a small blog, I don’t have companies coming to me offering me lots of stuff. Instead, I contacted companies whose products I love, and asked if I could review something to share with all of you.

Today I’m so happy to introduce you to the first company I’m featuring: Curby’s Closet.

Chris Anderson is the creator of the patterns that make up Curby’s Closet. She loved dolls and Barbies as a child, and began refurbishing vintage clothes for them. From there, she ventured into designing and making quilted baby shoes, which she sold on Etsy. Next, she began selling patterns for these adorable shoes. Do you want to see them, so you can judge just how cute they are?

Curby's Closet baby shoes

I know! So sweet! And I was happy to find that each of the two patterns Chris generously shared with me was quick and simple to make. I have sewn for years, but I really think these are “doable” even if you have few sewing skills.

I made the Quilted Baby Criss Cross shoes (seen on left above) and the Quilted Baby Mary Janes (right). The patterns use double-sided quilted material and a few other items you can easily find in stores. The kits I received contained everything I needed — so nice for a fun afternoon project!

Curby's Closet baby shoes

Inside the patterns, directions were clearly described, with  illustrations for each step. I can say that I had no questions as I made them. With each step, the shoes became cuter and cuter. You can individualize any of the patterns by choosing your own fabrics, ribbons, and button accessories.

Each pattern contains two sizes — 3-6 months and 6-9 months. Let’s face it — after that point, most babies will be walking and would be too hard on cloth shoes.¬† In my photo at the top, the left shoes are made in the smaller size, and the right ones are made in the larger size. These are the first baby shoes I have ever made, and I am so happy with the results.

Curby's Closet baby shoes

I recommend Curby’s Closet patterns for yourself, if you enjoy crafting. The baby shoes you create would make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer for little nieces, grandkids, or even for a new mom or mom-to-be. If you’ve only got boys, don’t worry: Curby’s Closet also sells sweet patterns for Quilted Baby Moccasins and — yep — Quilted Baby Cowboy Boots. Or, if someone one your gift list sews, one or two of these patterns would make a creative and fun gift to give.

Each pattern is cuter than the next. It’s still just early November, so why not order a pattern or two and start creating? Each of the pairs of shoes I made took me only a few hours — time well-spent!

You can find the patterns online at the Curby’s Closet website, or on Ebay or Etsy.

How about you: have you ever made baby shoes? Have you ever made something using a Curby’s Closet pattern?

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  1. I have never heard of Curby’s Closet patterns until now. The little slippers you made are adorable! Think of the fun you’ll have when you finally are a Grandma! I’ll bet you’ll make the cutest baby quilts! I personally have made a few pair of shoes for dolls using felt. My sister Mary Ellen has made simply darling American Girl doll shoes. Thanks for sharing about Curby’s Closet!

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