Childhood Memories Friday: Mom Was Right

Childhood Memories Friday

So, how about another vintage photo this Friday to spark a few memories?

Oktoberfest 1975

Here I am, October 1975, along with my sister. We’re posing at our town’s Oktoberfest, wearing the Bicentennial dresses Mom made for us — obviously they’re ready prior to that 1976 event.

Whenever I look at this photo, my first thought is how ridiculous my shawl looks. I remember it well. My mom tied on my sister’s shawl and wanted to fix mine as well, but I insisted I wanted my own style. I’m not sure what I was seeing or thinking, but with the advantage of years, I must admit — Mom was right. The off-the-shoulder look just isn’t working for me.

Why are we wearing Bicentennial dresses to the local German festival, you may ask? I don’t know. Colonial America, Bavaria — ehh, they’re both exotic, right? And besides, the Bicentennial was just one year, and we wanted to get plenty of wear out of those dresses.

We did — we both wore them for school photos, and I still have mine hanging in the front closet. My girls have worn one or the other of the dresses for school projects, and they’re still in fine shape. Anyone need to borrow a colonial dress?

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4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Mom Was Right

  1. I love that you perused the Oktoberfest wares armed with your wicker purse. It’s probably still here, somewhere. I wonder if Jill doesn’t have one as well. You know how sisters are. Good memories!

  2. Cute and that Oktoberfest is a big deal! My favorite bicentennial “minute” (remember those on tv), well MEMORY, was the clock my brother got as a wedding gift–yep Bicentennial kitchen clock! They got married…..wait for it… 1977…..

  3. Aw, I think it’s cute you wanted to do your own thing. I remember in 1976 we took pictures on the same day as some kind of bicentennial thing. They gave us these little plastic flags that had a hole in them. We strung them with blue yarn and wore them around our necks. The height of American Bicentennial fashion for the elementary school set.

    I had on a nice dress and wore my flag around happily all day.

    Not until we received our school photos did I realized I’d forgotten to remove the yarn/flag jewelry. First words out of my mother’s mouth when she saw the pictures? “Why didn’t you take that thing off?”

    Whoops. 6 year olds just don’t really think things through! My yarn jewelry has lived forever in that 1st grade picture!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Your memories so often coincide with my own. I remember my mom make me a very similar dress. I think it was the Holly Hobby and Little House on the Prairie influences. 😉

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