Dance Crafts for Kids


There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum

It’s true that dance is a favorite pastime of many little girls (and a few brave boys). Your favorite dancer would no doubt enjoy creating some items to use while dancing or to inspire her passion for dance. Gather some glitter, sparkles, and glue and prepare for an afternoon of fun creating dance crafts.

little girls ballet

Sparkly Mirror

Purchase a small hand-held mirror at a craft store. Little dancers can then decorate the area around the mirror with self-adhesive jewels and stickers. Paint pens and glitter glue can add further interest and sparkle to the mirrors, and the dancers will enjoy admiring themselves in their glittery creations.

For older kids, buy a larger mirror and let them decorate the edges with paint pens and other stick-ons. They can check out their hair and dance gear in the mirror before heading to dance class.

Jewelry Box

Buy a basic box made of tagboard or wood at a craft store. Instruct dancers to paint their boxes in the color of their choice, and then they can decorate the boxes with stickers, jewels, and glitter.

Another idea involves cutting pictures of dancers from magazines and pasting them onto the boxes. Then, cover the entire box with a layer of Mod Podge decoupage sealant. Voila – a fun place to store all the dancer’s jewels.

Princess Wand

A princess wand is a must-have accessory for the little ballerina. Buy a small dowel rod and spray-paint it in your color of choice. Then, provide the crafter with feathers, lengths of ribbon, bits of tulle, and other items to create a fancy end for the wand. Sparkly metallic pipe cleaners can be bent into shapes such as hearts and stars and adhered to the end of the wand as well.

Ballerina Ornament

Use an old-fashioned clothespin (not the type with a clip) to create a cute ballerina that can hang on your Christmas tree. The round knob on top of the clip will be the ballerina’s bun; your dancer can paint this in her hair color of choice. Use fine-tip paint pens or permanent markers to create the dancer’s face and leotard, and draw ballet slippers on the bottom of the two “legs” of the clip.

Create a tutu for the ballerina by gathering lace or ribbon and gluing it around the center of the clip. Make pipe cleaner “arms” and twist them around the clip, securing with a drop of glue in the back. Tie a thread or piece of yarn around the ballerina’s bun, and she is ready to “dance” from the Christmas tree!



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