Childhood Memories Friday: Sensitive

Childhood Memories FridayRecently, my aunt sent me a link to an article about migraines. I feel blessed to never have had a migraine, but several in my family do suffer from them. The article suggested that highly sensitive people are more prone to them, and after reading it, I felt even more grateful not to have these headaches. Because, I definitely am sensitive and always have been.

old beat up pencil on ground

As a child, I was sensitive to being the center of attention. At my birthday parties, I disliked having everyone sing to me. We even have a photo or home movie of me with my face buried in my plate as others sang. I always empathized with the underdog, and the behind-the-scenes people. My mom sometimes suggested that I should play with some toy or another, since I hadn’t for a while, and when she hinted that the unplayed-with toy might be feeling sad, the insinuation nearly sent me over the edge with sympathy.

At a recent football game (I should say that I attended solely to watch my daughter’s band perform, since I have zero understanding of or interest in football), our team was beating the other team by 30+ points. And while I was somewhat happy that “my” team was winning, my overwhelming thought was, Wow, I kind of hope we don’t score any more points. I wish the other team would score. They worked hard, too. I bet they feel so bad, getting beat by so many points …

I’ve had to remove myself from prayer lists because I just can’t handle all the things people have to face. I agonize over the plight of dogs and kittens I see on Facebook who need “forever homes.” On and on it goes.

The other night on a bike ride, I saw a pencil on the pavement in a nearby school parking lot. And, reader, you guessed it: I stopped and picked it up. Who knows what stories this pencil could tell? I think I can rescue it, take it home, clean it up, and it will have another life, making grocery lists and checking items off the monthly bank report.

Sadly, the pencil ended up having uncentered lead that refused to be sharpened — but still, my intent was good! (or perhaps it was just strange. I’m willing to admit that).

How about you? Any other sensitive souls out there? Or perhaps any migraine sufferers? Do you think there’s a connection between the two?


8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Sensitive

  1. Uncle Gordon wrote two words in my ancient autograph book, “Know thyself.” I don’t think most of us see ourselves as others see us. I’ve told various people I am a total introvert only to be blasted nearly out of my chair by people who know me well, with these words, ” You are NO introvert!”
    So I hate to even guess if I am sensitive. Some things make me sad but in many cases, I feel I have a heart of stone.

  2. I know what you mean about prayer lists. One can almost be crushed by the weight of what people are facing. Sometimes all I can pray is, “Lord, help!”

    I don’t think I have ever empathized with a pencil. 🙂 But I have been so sensitive and empathetic while reading a story that I started talking or acting like a character immediately after reading, especially when I was a child.

    I don’t get migraines but I do get easily overwhelmed with noise and people. Sometimes restaurants are hard – sometimes even church is hard in that vein.

  3. RE Attic Girl’s comment about being an introvert but not being thought one – a really good book is Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. That was very helpful to me. I am convinced that extroverts do not really stand introverts. Being an introvert is not equated with being shy – one can be very sociable when one has to yet feel drained without some solitude in life. I reviewed it at

  4. As you already know, I have migraines. In fact, I have a minor one right now. And I’m very, very sensitive, although perhaps not as sensitive as you. I don’t think I would empathize with a cast off pencil.

  5. Amy, interesting checklist — I got 12, which doesn’t qualify me as sensitive on that scale. BUT, I’m sensitive about several things they didn’t ask, and several that they did (being around noise, bright lights, etc) don’t really bother me. Barbara, I concur that “Quiet” was a revelation. Really enjoyed that book!

  6. I get migraines and frequent tension headaches… they are awful. I wish I knew what it was like to NEVER get them but… oh well. I am also very sensitive… I have to sorta tune a lot out and then I feel like ppl think I DON’T care but if I let it all in, I’d be a sobbing mess. The other day I was listening to my children’s “timeline of the world” song CD and started crying b/c the whole of history is just full of wars and fighting and conquest… it’s just too sad. So that’s my “ultra-sensitive moment” of the week to share! 🙂 LOL

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