Candle Prayers for Kids

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Candle Prayers for KidsI have fond memories of listening to Bible stories around the dinner table when I was a child, and more such memories with my own kids. Continuing in that tradition is Candle Prayers for Kids.

This book isn’t a Bible storybook, but an illustrated book of prayers for parents to read through with kids.

The book’s author and illustrator are British, and I picked this up quickly seeing references to mummy, sums, wobbly, etc. I found it rather charming. The illustrations are cute, simple, and colorful.

Each prayer has a different theme. Some are pretty “all-purpose” and could be read anytime. Others are fairly specific, and some even seem so specific that I’m not sure several would ever apply to a certain child. For instance, Sometimes I find my brother really annoying. I get fed up with him or I wanted to be the princess in our class play. All I am going to be is a tree. My friend is the princessPlease help me to be the best tree ever.

Still, I think the book could even make a nice “bedtime story” type book, even if all the prayers don’t apply.

I would use this book as a gift for a toddler’s birthday or Christmas.

Did you have a favorite Bible themed book that your parents read to you, or that you read to your children when they were little?


3 thoughts on “Candle Prayers for Kids

  1. I love Egermeier’s Bible story book because my dad read the stories to us when we were young. Ours was lost in a house fire, but when I found one for sale in a Bible bookstore years later, I felt like I had just won the lottery. Another reason why I like it is because it is so true to the Bible. Some authors take such liberties with Bible stories one can hardly recognize them. That is not true of Egermeier’s book. Years ago when I was mentoring a woman who had only recently come to know Christ, I loaned that Bible story book to her, because it was so easily understood.

  2. As a child, summer storms scared me silly. Now when I was at someplace like Grandma Kamman’s and a storm came up, I did OK, but NOT at home! My way of dealing with them was to round up Elaine & Mary Ellen, pluck out our Egermeier Bible Story book and start intensely reading we three a Bible story. Those were the days ~

  3. I have the Egermeier’s story book we had when we were kids. We read through it at least twice with the girls. I wonder who will get it next? I like it too — good stories and vibrant pictures.

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