Childhood Memories Friday: Wedding China

Childhood Memories Friday
The other day, I was noticing some of the unfortunate chips in some of my almost-two-decades-old china. I started thinking about wedding china memories from my childhood. Yes, I have a few …
chipped china plateWhen I was growing up, I remember that jewelry stores downtown sold china. When a young lady got engaged, she chose her china, and then the jewelry store put a place setting of her china in the front window, along with her name, wedding date, and photo (kind of like this). It was fun to look at the various choices, and think, “Wow, that one is really pretty,” or “Well, I wouldn’t want that one …” Another difference is that the engagement photo was almost always just the bride. No Pinterest-inspired couples photos in the 1970s!

Do stores do that anymore? Maybe in small towns. Maybe in the south. Overall, I doubt it.

I also remember working part-time in a Birmingham, Alabama department store during my 20s. I worked in the china department, and boy, was that an eye-opener. Brides usually registered for not one, not two, but three sets of china: everyday, formal, and Christmas. Then there was the everyday flatware, and the real silver as well. A single fork could cost $100, and this was 30 years ago. It amazed me. Then again — it was the south.

Any wedding china memories of yours? Do you still have yours? Does your town still put brides’ wedding china in the front window?

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  1. I never registered for wedding china. I have never owned good china. My Aunt Emma bought a set of dishes for Mother and the very same set for my Grandma Schulte. Grandma Schulte was breaking up housekeeping around the time I got married (I went to visit her in the Nursing Home, still wearing my wedding dress the afternoon I got married.) Grandma gave me her dishes Aunt Emma had bought for her. I used it for years! I still have a good bit of it. Finally Mother & Daddy bought us a set of Corelle Ware. As to my “best” dishes – In my youth we bought fabric at Devines in Huntingburg. For every $20 or $25 you spent on fabric you could select a piece of china. For years we didn’t do it but finally i told mother I thought we should be getting them – They WERE free! We did and when I have guests for holidays, those are the dishes I use. They are not pretty but they are fine.

  2. Thanks to my grandmother’s disapproval of the marriage (and of the choice of china pattern) my Mom got only one place setting! She was heart broken.

    I remember the jewelry store window in your home town! Such a nice thing to do!

    Great post–and I really like your china!

  3. Oh wow…that’s very interesting that women would register for an everyday, formal and Christmas china. Very cool. We’ve certainly come a long way from that, haven’t we? I have never heard or seen such a to-do about china patterns for weddings in my hometown. My mother has wedding china. Luckily, when they had a house fire…it was still intact, and she was glad that it survived. I don’t think she’s ever taken it out of the boxes.

  4. I never had any china & only vaguely remember my great aunt from Ukraine having some. I would love to look at all of the designs though & maybe someday purchase a set.

  5. I mentally picked out a pattern of wedding china I was going to register for when I got married. Ha! As you know, that never materialized. I do have a set of china Mother got after the house burned. I had no idea that people would register for three sets of China. Wow! Wonder where they stored all that.

  6. I never completed my set (my ONE set! And I love only two hours north of Birmimgham! 😉 ). A local business does put the the brides of the week’s names on their marquee. I’m not sure about the window display–I’ve never been close enough to the store to notice. I have been in boutiques where the bridal (or baby) selections were marked by little placards.

    The South! 🙂

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