Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies — Review

  Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies   Thanks to my 15-year-old for reading and reviewing this book! Are angels actually out there? Do they live among us? How much is myth, and how much is truth? Does everything always have a reason? Monica McGurk explores the answers to these questions in her new book, Dark Hope.

Dark Hope is the first book in The Archangel Prophecies, a new, exciting, and dark series for young adults. Hope is anything but an average fifteen year old. Victim of an abduction when she was just three, sheltered from the real world under her obsessively overprotective father, and a strange mark residing on the back of her neck, Hope is finally liberated from her father’s watchful eye and brought to live with her mother. All seems to be normal until Hope meets a boy named Michael. He appears out of nowhere whenever she finds herself in peril and has a strange backstory as an emancipated youth. And who is that boy Luke who appears to have a fascination with Hope and a quarrel with Michael? As it turns out, Michael is actually Michael the Archangel, and Luke is one of the Fallen Angels. Hope is a part of a twisted prophecy and is exactly what the Fallen Angels need to achieve their mission of revenge and power. Michael and Hope must work quickly to stop the Fallen Angels from succeeding. Woven in with this story is the twisted tale of human trafficking and the past of a previous victim.

Dark Hope’s many twists and turns will keep readers interested and always guessing on what Michael and Hope’s next move will be. Dark Hope kept me hooked the entire way through, and I always wanted to read what would happen next. The book was well written and organized, but I think the story of human trafficking was a little out of place and didn’t really seem to tie in with the grand scheme of the story. I see that this is a special interest of the author, though, so that probably explains its inclusion.

Something else that bothered me was how reliant Hope seemed to be on Michael. She appeared to be a “damsel in distress” and was constantly having to be saved by Michael. Something minor that was uncomfortable was the romance between Hope, a fifteen year old, and Michael, who was somewhere around 10,000 years old. The book ventured through the various characteristics of the angels, such as shape shifting and immortality. The angels seemed to be a part of the supernatural world, which gave the story an interesting edge. I found the tie-ins with Hope’s past and her family’s involvement with the law after her disappearance quite clever and interesting. Overall, Dark Hope is a fascinating young adult novel with an intriguing premise that would interest any young adult with a curiosity for the supernatural.

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