Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People in the Playhouse

Childhood Memories FridayI know I’ve written before about how much my sister and I enjoyed playing with Fisher Price Little People when we were kids. I know I’ve also written about the playhouse our dad built for us in the backyard.

Fisher Price Little  People 1975

I came across this photo the other day, from July 1975, and it brought back fun memories of summer days spent in the playhouse with my sister, creating an entire world with our little people, or “kids” as we called them. You can see our Fisher Price Town (we got this one Christmas and absolutely loved it — it included so many of the neat features Fisher Price toys were known for, at least at the time: a garage with a floor for cars that could be raised and lowered, a post office with a slot to put letters in, a fire station with a tiny room with a bed for a fireman to spend the night, etc.)

Behind that are a couple of houses we made from cardboard boxes. We loved decorating these with pages from wallpaper sample books, and furniture we created from jello boxes and construction paper. Wall artwork consisted of pop bottle lids with tiny pictures glued inside. Check out the tiny bookshelf complete with homemade books, and of course the finishing touch: a toothpaste cap trash can!

So what’s happening here? Mom’s inscription on the back of the photo reads “parade in kid town” and sure enough, I see a car starting the parade and some residents carrying flags close behind. Is that a firetruck in the rear? And look at all the crowds lining the street.

Such fun memories of carefree summer days — sure, it was hot in the playhouse in humid southern Indiana, but we had a box fan in the doorway and the heat didn’t seem to bother us much.

Did you play with Fisher Price toys as a child? What was your favorite?

8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People in the Playhouse

  1. Even at an early age both of you girls had creativity all over the place. How far better your childhood than kids of today watching horrible cartoons and playing video games. What we see at school is a product of our time.

  2. I think my favorite was the dog..or the lady with the blonde hair I think she was suppose to be the mother?

  3. I remember Fisher-Price when daughter Julie was that age, but I don’t think that F-P toys had been invented yet in my own youth. I loved all things outdoors on the farm, such as haymaking, sledding down the steep barn hill in winter, tagging my Dad around for virtually (even hauling manure and milking Toots the small Jersey cow). I loved outdoor games, such as croquet, badminton, kick the can, etc. In the house we played board games
    and cards, read, and went to movies sometimes to see Judy Garland and Liz Taylor.

  4. Your creativity in this era was only a foreshadowing of what you girls can do now. I’m impressed. And as I read this, I, too, thought of how much better off you were than kids nowadays who don’t relate to anything except technology. Technology has come a long way, but in many ways, it’s not an improvement.

  5. These Little People posts make me miss Terri, my next door neighbor. We played with her Little People two story & house boat. Such fun memories.

  6. Oh my goodness, my sister and I played with our FP village all the time too. I liked the little blonde girl with the braided pig tails. Ella still has most of the set to play with at Grandma’s. Ella loves it because her Littlest Pet Shop critters fit well in it too.

  7. I loved Fisher Price Little People when I was a kid! I’m pretty sure I even had the village from your picture, but it was bought from a garage sale since I didn’t start playing with LP until the 80s. It’s so awesome that your mom took a picture and labelled it with exactly what you were playing! 🙂

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