Childhood Memories Friday: Princess Diana Dresses

Childhood Memories FridayRegular readers remember my longtime devotion to Princess Diana, which was at its peak during my high school years. It’s strange now to have a daughter who is a high school senior, because this causes me to re-think my own senior year.

Charles and Diana had been married about a year, I was busy writing my senior research paper on “The Royal Romance,” and yet I wanted to do … more. I decided to make a few dresses modeled on some of Diana’s.

After the wedding, I saw Diana in her honeymoon going-away dress. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Alas, I couldn’t find a pattern like it, but I found one that was pretty close, and made some adjustments (as I recall, adding the sailor collar that Di favored in those days, along with ruffles to the sleeves). The result:

Princess Diana honeymoon going away dressHere’s the actual version, worn by Diana. Not too bad for a high school kid, huh? It’s still hanging in my closet, and these days I could fit approximately one leg into the skirt, but the memories remain.

Not content with that, I also wanted my own version of Di’s wedding dress. This was a bit ambitious, as you may recall her 25-foot train. I didn’t go quite that crazy, but at that time there was a pattern with a pretty good resemblance to the royal wedding dress. Yes, I still have the pattern. I’m not sure why, but …

Princess Diana wedding dress patternLooks like I made version “C” of the dress — the shorter version. Still, it was an undertaking. I see that it took 13 yards of fabric, and I remember spending many evenings hemming that ruffled hem (it was 24′ long!).

And here is the resulting pink confection. I made this specially for senior dinner, but I wore it several times (here, at a Career Key banquet). I specifically remember wearing the dress to senior Sunday at church. Afterwards, I went to the home of someone whose wedding I was going to play piano for. I walked into the house to confront a crowd of young adults with tattoos and decidedly more casual attire, and I remember them looking at me with … interest. I felt like Glinda the Good, minus her magic bubble! I wonder if Princess Diana ever felt like that?? 🙂

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  1. Aren’t good memories wonderful? That’s one thing nobody can take from you – ever!

  2. These are new stories to me. I’m very fond of the first dress you showed us. You did a lot of sewing while you were in school, didn’t you?

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