Childhood Memories Friday: Crochet Doll Purse

vintage crochet purse with doll

Childhood Memories Friday
The other day, I was sorting through a box of old stuffed animals, and what should I come across but this:

vintage crochet purse with dollA vintage crochet purse — made, I’m sure, by a relative of mine, although I can’t remember who. A cute purse, no doubt. But you haven’t seen the best part yet. Open it up, and …

vintage crochet purse with dollvoila! It is a bed for a little doll (a Kiddle?). The bottom of the bed/purse is some type of white plastic bottle. The little doll’s dress is crocheted as well, and she even has a little matching blanket beneath her. I thought this purse was the neatest thing, and it’s a definite memory, although with the doll inside I doubt I used it much as a purse.

So, did you have a crochet doll purse like this in your childhood? Any other neat crocheted items your aunt or grandma made for you? Chime in!


2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Crochet Doll Purse

  1. No crochet folks in my family. I did have one of the ubiquitous crocheted granny-square vests circa 1973 made by a student who roomed at my Great Grandmother’s house in Bloomington!! As always, such a fun post.

  2. That purse and accompanying doll were for sure from Grandma Schulte. She made the crochet work. I just know she could not wait to give them to your either for your birthday or Christmas. Didn’t Jill get one, too?

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