Surviving Henry: Review

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Surviving HenryMost of my friends know that I would eventually like a dog. But honestly, after reading Surviving Henry: Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe, I don’t know if I’m up for it. Author Erin Young tells about her family’s experience with boxer Henry, and “surviving” is an apt term. Henry destroys various things in the house, nearly drowns, tears up his leg (requiring surgery) while jumping through a glass window — you get the idea. Maybe I’m better cut out for calmer pets?

Although Surviving Henry has a Christian publisher, it’s not overtly Christian. The first 90% or so mentions God maybe once, and there’s a reference to attending church. The final few pages draw more analogies between loving a difficult dog and Christ’s love for us.

Erin seems like a neat person; someone I’d enjoy knowing in real life. And I couldn’t help but muster an “awww” or two for Henry (especially that cover photo). I found this book fine, but not over-the-top funny or compelling. As I said earlier, my sheer horror at the destruction wreaked by Henry may be part of that.

Here, you can watch a bit of Henry in action — if you dare!

4 thoughts on “Surviving Henry: Review

  1. Oh, my! We’re planning to get a dog in the next year, and I thought a Boxer might be the breed for us. . . 🙂

  2. Sounds like a Marley clone from a Christian publisher! B wants a dog, but we are never home. I miss our dog who died in 2008–he was wonderful, but a dog is like having a small child. GREAT review!!!

  3. Well, dogs are not without their drama, but I love mine so much! She is sometimes the only reason I laugh in a day’s time.

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