Loving Cafe: A Vegan Restaurant in Fort Wayne

vegan sweet and sour

One of my daughters is a vegetarian. When I ask for ideas of where to eat out, she frequently requests “someplace vegetarian.”

“Is there such a place in Fort Wayne?” I asked.

Well. She did her homework, and indeed there is. Not just vegetarian, but vegan even (for you meat-eaters out there, vegan means that one doesn’t eat or use animal products. So, not only meat is out, but also eggs, cheese, milk, etc).

Recently, we headed to the Loving Cafe in our fair city.

Loving Cafe vegan restaurant Fort Wayne IndianaAnd there it was!

Once inside, we each grabbed a menu. Having tried to cook vegan for a very short time when my daughter wanted to “go vegan” a few years back, I knew that it was a challenge. So I was happy to see such a wide and varied menu. There were lots of sandwiches, soups, and entrees. We placed our orders at the counter and found a seat in the light and cheery dining area.

About ten minutes later, our food began arriving.

vegan sweet and sourI chose the vegan sweet and sour. It looked delicious, and tasted that way too. I couldn’t believe how good the “vegan nuggets” tasted — if it wasn’t chicken, you could have fooled me.

Loving Cafe Fort WayneMy daughter had a grilled tortilla — complete with vegan cheese, vegan butter, vegan nuggets, vegenaise (no, I am not making this up!), and spinach. So good, you can see, that she couldn’t wait to take a photo before grabbing a bite.

raw smoothie Loving CafeAnother daughter chose a raw strawberry smoothie — cool and refreshing — and grilled cheesy bread. Both delicious!

We found the ambience of the restaurant to be pleasant. Other customers chatted quietly around us. Service was polite and friendly.

Loving Cafe Fort WayneOf course, we had to finish up with a bakery item for the road. We chose a chocolate chip cookie – yum!

Most entrees are priced between $8-10, and I believe the menu items and prices are the same for dinner as for lunch.

We support Loving Cafe in their goal of helping people eat better and healthier with organic, plant-based vegan food. You may be pleasantly surprised by just how good it tastes. Next time you’re in Fort Wayne, give Loving Cafe a try. I predict you’ll be glad you did.

Loving Cafe

7605 Coldwater Rd
Suite A
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Monday – Saturday
11:00am – 7:00pm

3 thoughts on “Loving Cafe: A Vegan Restaurant in Fort Wayne

  1. I know very little about eating vegan. It is nice you did that. It sounds like it was tasty food and a good experience for all.

  2. Loving Cafe is a Fort Wayne vegan dream come true! The food is amazing and the staff is wonderful! Fort Wayne also has Pembroke Bakery & Cafe… they’re not completely vegan, they do serve meat & cheese, however they have a couple vegan soups daily along with a vegan black bean burger, tofu & veggies for sandwiches, all their baked goods – cookies, cinnamon rolls, breads, etc are 100% vegan.

    We also have a local veg group – Fort Wayne Vegans & Vegetarians. We welcome all veggies/veg-curious/& family members who want to learn more…. share recipes, ask questions, find out about local veg options, meet other area veggies, find out about events such as vegan potlucks… https://www.facebook.com/groups/fortwayneveg/

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